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The holidays are upon us!

The end of this year has been dark and heavy for so many people. We are in the midst of an intense paradigm shift, and it can feel like slogging through mud. This is a good time to keep your loved ones close, cut back on the busy-making that the holidays so often entails, and focus on what's really important to you, without making it into a big production.

This is a good time for activities that focus on the family and your ancestors. Curate family albums. Scan in irreplaceable photos and burn them to CD or DVD so you can share them with the people you love. Have small, intimate gatherings by firelight or candle light. Do meditations on healing your lineage. Spend time in the dark, learning to love your own shadows. Hibernate. Be kind to yourself and others. Don't scurry around. Don't let yourself be frantic. Avoid the messages of lack. Rejoice in the little things.

You are the Light of the World!

Upcoming Classes & Appearances
Please call ahead and reserve your space with the venue as early as possible, or the class you want to attend may no longer exist.

Please note: I will no longer be doing regularly scheduled Office Hours at The Crystal Matrix. Please contact me for an appointment.
Readings: 15 minutes for $28, 30 minutes for $45, 45 minutes for $60, 60 minutes for $75
Healings: $125


Sunday | December 1st 2:30pm
A Shaman's Work
Matrix International University | 3215 Glendale Blvd | Los Angeles | 323-644-7625
Advanced Shamanism workshop and practicum, by permission of instructor. Ongoing class, new chapter starts up in January!
$54.00 per class
Monday | December 2nd 7:00pm
New Moon Gathering
Private Residence, 900 N Mentor Ave, Pasadena, CA
We gather every month to set our intention for the coming cycle. Potluck feast follows the ritual/meditation. Please bring a wheat-free dish to share. You may also bring firewood and a camp chair. If you'd like to take the energy home with you, bring a seven day (in glass) candle as well! Please RSVP in advance.
$15 donation requested
Saturday | December 7th 9:00am - 5:00pm
Readings at Handmade for the Holidays Boutique
14127 Kittridge st | Van Nuys, Ca 91405
The Boutique actually runs Friday - Sunday
Monday | December 9th 7:30pm
First Quarter Teaching (informal)
Private residence, Northridge
Bring food to share (wheat-free preferred). Ayamanatara will address topics ranging from the current energies to sacred texts to tools & techniques for personal practice. Bring your questions we'll try to get to everyone.
$15 donation
Tuesday | December 10th 7:30pm
Experiential Kabbalah
Private residence, Northridge
Ongoing class. New Series starting up in January in Santa Clarita! Call 661-252-4103 to sign up!
Wednesday | December 11th | 10am-5pm
Thursday | December 12th | 6-10pm
Reiki Intensive
Private residence, Northridge
I teach Traditional Japanese Reiki in addition to the Usui Reiki form brought to the US by Hawayo Takata. This intensive workshop covers all of the information and attachments for levels I & II. It will be very fast-paced, and an additional day of supervised practicum is strongly recommended. As this is a very intense workshop, all students must be approved before being allowed to enroll. Please message me directly.

Wednesday | December 11th 7:00pm
Incorporating Crystals & Herbs Into Your Holiday Decor
Healing Light Resource Center | 27225 Camp Plenty Road | Santa Clarita | 661-252-4103
Create innovative, handmade, original holiday accents for your home using crystals and fresh herbs. Find ways to enhance the joy and well-being of your household while honoring traditional values and atmosphere.
$20 + materials
Sunday | December 15th 2:00pm
Becoming the Goddess Personal Empowerment Workshop
The Crystal Matrix | 3215 Glendale Blvd | Los Angeles | 323-644-7625
The Western concept of power is one of straight lines and rigidity, which can increase our stress levels and make us brittle. By finding the power in flexibility and flow, we find that we can dance with the challenges in our lives, rather than being overcome by them. While this workshop focuses on Goddess archetypes, it is open to all gender identifications, because we could all use a little more flexible power in our lives. Drawing on Abrahamic and Goddess traditions, we will be creating a personal affirmation of empowerment that has helped people get out of abusive relationships, overcome social anxiety, and create real, tangible change in their lives.
Saturday | December 21st 7:30pm
Solstice Singing Bowls
The Crystal Matrix | 3215 Glendale Blvd | Los Angeles | 323-644-7625
Ayamanatara will join Patricia A Bankins for an evening of Acoustic Therapy and Meditation in honor of the Solstice. Advance reservations are vital, please call The Crystal Matrix directly.
Wednesday | January 1st 7:00pm
New Moon Gathering
Private residence, San Fernando Valley
How often do you get to observe the New Moon on the first day of the calendar year? A very auspicious night for new beginnings! Potluck feast follows the ritual/meditation. Please bring a wheat-free dish to share. You may also bring firewood and a camp chair. If you'd like to take the energy home with you, bring a seven day (in glass) candle as well! Please RSVP in advance.
$15 donation requested
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