Creating Community by Finding Similarities

One of the functions of organized religion is that it creates a sense of community. But what about the people  who believe in the basic tenets of their religion, but don’t feel like they fit in with the group? They end up feeling even more Other. What about people who have beliefs that don’t feel like they fit in with any organized group? They also lack community on a faith-based level. What about people who aren’t part of a major religion, who don’t know many people who share their belief system? Or Atheists who feel that ritual is important?  Or people who don’t have strong definitions for their beliefs, but have a strong sense of the Sacred? They lack a sense of belonging as well.

I see threads that transcend all of the Otherness. Sometimes they are beliefs, sometimes they are questions, sometimes they are values.

I am also a fan of short, informative talks like the TED or NerdNight presentations. Apparently many people are.

Some friends and I got together and decided to create an event that creates a sense of community for people whose beliefs don’t give them as strong of a community as it might, an event that stimulates the intellect and the curiosity as much as it feeds the spirit. 

And then we added ice cream. Because ice cream.

Black Arts Ice Cream Social
Every third Sunday of the month, from 3-5pm, we’ll be gathering in Glendale. There will be a short speaker, under the general heading of Woo or spirituality, following the guidelines of (1) is it interesting, (2) is it accessible, and (3) is it useful. People are encouraged, but not required, to discuss the presentation afterwards. Maybe while eating ice cream. 

And we added a raffle, because winning, and presents.

This past Sunday was our first gathering. The presentation was about avoiding drama on the internet, and maybe using the internet to create a new paradigm of equality. 

In the upcoming months, there will be presentations on using bird energy,haunted houses, Pronoia, Solstice, and maybe even quantum physics. And, you know, ice cream and prizes.

Won’t you join us?

The Black Arts Ice Cream Social meets on the third Sunday of the month at The Complex in Glendale from 3-5pm. We ask for a $10 donation to help cover costs, and that gets you your first raffle ticket.

We’re always looking for donations of raffle prizes and ice cream, as well as volunteers to help out. Drop us a note!

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A Solar Phenomenon I Haven’t Written Bout Before

SpaceWeather informs me this morning that

A co-rotating interaction region (CIR) is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field on Aug. 19th.  CIRs are transition zones between slow- and fast-moving solar wind streams. Shock waves and density gradients inside these regions often do a good job sparking auroras.  NOAA forecasters say there is a 40% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms when the CIR arrives.

The energy of this phenomenon is disconcerting in a completely different way than the usual sorts of solar flares and storms we have been experiencing lately. It is possible to feel dizzy, light-headed, and even surreal. The sensation of moving at the wrong speed, or even 2 different speeds is likely. 

The fact that it falls under the influence of a full moon in Aquarius and during the pre-wash of Mercury retrograde, while Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus are all retrograde as well, makes it all the more interesting:

  • Full moon, for many people, signals a move into a more energized, outgoing phase, where social inhibitions hold less weight. Aquarius, by the way, has an interesting energy of being taken up into the realm of the gods, as well as having a spiritual benefactor. I fully expect people to be acting unbreakable.
  • The three planets offering us the opportunity to revisit and reprocess their realms are all planets that operate in “the back of the house,” so to speak. That is to say, when I connect to them in salutation, they settle into the back of the body, which means that their realms aren’t seen and it’s hard to work with them consciously. So we’re getting to revisit and (re)process shadow stuff, subconscious stuff, astral/archetypal stuff, and dreamtime.
  • Mercury is already making himself known. He doesn’t go retrograde until the 30th, and communication is already challenged, in person, on the phone, and via electronic means. Reminder: be very aware and present in communication for the next month. On the flip side of that, manifestation is also getting much easier, so be cognizant of where you are focusing your energy.

This solar phenomenon brings with it an interesting opportunity: Jean Houston, in the 90s, put forth an idea I believe she called Jump or Jump Time. If there is an alternate timeline you would like to be on, and you can visualize it, you can essentially (what I call) step sideways onto that alternate timeline. This is much easier to do in a co-rotating interaction region. So if you don’t like where you are or where you’re going, this is a great opportunity to do something about it. Just remember that you do take you with you.

May you be the light of the world!

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Some Things About the Current Energies

…because there are a few things going on.

According to

NOAA forecasters say that a high-speed (700 km/s) stream of solar wind is likely to hit Earth’s magnetic field on Aug. 15-16. Its arrival could spark G1-class geomagnetic storms. The visibility of auroras will be mitigated, however, by the glare from the nearly full Moon.

According to Forest, over at NuiCobalt:

Friday, August 12:
The Sagittarian moon squares Venus and Mercury in Virgo, as well as retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Her conjunction to stationing Saturn only adds to the accumulated tension. A stern reality check is waiting in the wings, and we can feel it coming. The beliefs we want to hold onto, the perspectives to which we’ve attached our very identities, they’re all coming under the microscope and none are exempt.

Saturday, August 13th:
Saturn stations direct at 9° of Sagittarius at 2:50 am Pacific / 5:50 am Eastern. The five-month phase of philosophical deconstruction and the dissection of ideologies has come to a conclusion. The lines become a little sharper and the boundaries, clearer. The coming weeks will find us building stronger, sturdier systems of belief to replace the outdated ones. Venus in Virgo squares Saturn mere hours after his exact station, setting a contentious tone and leaving little room for pleasantries. Stay focused on the task at hand and be wary of attempts to dissuade or distract you.

Sunday, August 14th:
Venus in Virgo opposes retrograde Neptune in Pisces, dispelling deception and dissolving delusion. The Capricorn moon mediates via soft aspects to both Venus and Neptune, calling upon our wisdom, maturity, and personal sense of responsibility. Be thorough and cautious in your research, consider each angle carefully, and above all, take your time before reaching any conclusions.    

And, since that’s not enough of a barrel of monkeys, Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th, which means we are in the pre-wash cycle (the technical term is, I believe, Pre-Shadow). 

So what does all this mean to us on a personal level?

Solar wind and solar storms disrupt the electromagnetic field of our planet, and, therefore, our own electromagnetic field as well. Everything can feel jangly, supercharged, even raw.We tend to find ourselves ungrounded.

Combine that with the astrological information, and we may find ourselves getting more rigid than is helpful, in an attempt to draw the firm boundaries we currently yearn for.

And the Mercury energy coming in makes it hard to communicate they way in which we are accustomed. Communications have to be had, fully present, preferably face to face, and negotiations must be done slowly and meticulously.

The solution, as I see it, is to first, do nothing. That is to say, stop and breathe.Let go of any preconceived notions youare carrying around – they probably don’t serve you as they used to. Let the sediment sink to the bottom of the stream bed, as one of my friends likes to say, so you can find some clarity.

Ground and breathe. Take a sip of water. Ground and breathe. Take another sip of water and examine what and where the fear is that is coming up. Keep sending your roots down into the heart of the planet, and continue to take long, slow, deep breaths.

If your situation allows it, do some modified sun salutations, connecting your heart to our Sun, to the heart of the Milky Way. You can also, in a similar manner, connect to each of the planets, knowing that they will anchor into other operating systems in your body.

Drink some more water, perhaps with some clear fruit juice in it.

Try to have all your communication be face-to-face, eye-to-eye, grounded and deliberate. Maybe include some protein-based food. Do your best to leave any heightened emotions out of it. Aim for the win-win.

Avoid shortcuts at all costs. It won’t be pretty if you don’t.

And, if you can be clear about your goals, seeing all the influences coming into play, and draw clean boundaries; if you move slowly, consciously, deliberately; you may find yourself in the seat of the Master Manifestor.

Happy hunting!

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