Moving From Hard Into Mastery

I have had several opportunities as of late to work with people who have natural or organic ways of doing something, whether that is running energy, channeling, or intuitive readings; people who have decided to seek out formal training in something they are already doing. I always support this. Having the book learning, knowing the mechanics of your skill set can only make your practice stronger. But it’s hard. It’s hard to have to think about what you do naturally. It’s hard to have to learn different ways of doing something that’s usually so easy.

I grew up talking to animals. I didn’t even realize not everyone did it for quite a while. And when I started taking classes in it, it was just plain weird, because I was suddenly having to think of my baseline reality as not-the-norm. Trying to figure out the mechanics of how I do something, well, intuitively was a challenge. Luckily, as the daughter of engineers, I had a certain amount of training in the mechanics of things and in thinking about how people think. But it was still odd. I could do the exercises perfectly well, but the rules and techniques were challenging to assimilate. It wasn’t until I attended a workshop about something entirely different that the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Up until that moment, I had no way to explain how to do what I was doing, but this teacher, in a random tangent, hit the nail in the head and the lightbulb went off.

Bear in mind, also, that each of us has our own learning style, so it may take several people trying to explain the same concept for it to make sense to us. I believe rather strongly that experiential knowledge is key in any learning style, so working with a live teacher, preferably in a workshop setting so you can hear the experience of other people, is always going to be more useful than reading a book or watching a video. You have to do in order to fully understand.

Here is the most important reason, in my mind, to go study something you already do inherently: once you know the rules and guideline and mechanics of a modality or technique, you can turn that rote information into an art. If you understand why a thing works, or how it works, you can expand on that and create something powerful, new, and exciting. But it really helps to have the “book learning.” It makes your skill all the more solid.

There is also an energetic transmission that can come from the teacher, that will enhance your skills, understanding, or both. Nine times out of ten, that’s what I’m actually looking for when I go study with someone. Yeah, I’m a data junkie, and I always want more information, but the energetic transmission that comes with the imparting of that data is the part that turbo charges what it is that I’m learning. Some teachers know they’re doing it, and some don’t, but it doesn’t really much matter.

This may sound like a sales pitch, and it is, but it’s not a pitch for my services, it’s a pitch to help you blow through the challenges your negative ego will throw in your way. Any time you embark on a growth path, the negative ego will do everything in its considerable power to deter you. Your negative ego is so powerful it can even create chaos outside of you, if internal chaos is not a big enough deterrent. My own negative ego once blew up the alternator on my car to try to keep me from taking a powerful class. In the case of learning about something you do naturally, the negative ego has a powerful kernel of truth to work with: you already know how to do this. Why should you stretch, why should you do something that feel so hard or difficult or complicated, it will reason (or whine), for something you already do? Why should you be made to feel like you’re not good at something you’re already good at? If you listen to that, you’re limiting yourself. Highly intelligent people run up against this all the time in school and then in life. They are inherently good at whatever subject, and it makes them feel bad about themselves if they get it wrong, so many of them never learn discipline, and they never achieve greatness. In order to soar, you have to be willing to make mistakes, to try different things, and to look foolish.

How great do you want to be? How much do you want to feel like you’re growing, expanding, improving? How much progress so you want to make on your path?

That‘s why you should do the hard thing.

To be the light of the world.


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What Do We Mean When We Say Paradigm Shift?

Everybody is talking about paradigm shift, and has been for quite some time, but what does that mean, and where are we going?

For the past 2000-some-odd-years, we have been entrenched to some degree in masculine, linear energy, in the push of the push-pull flow of energy. Action, linear, logic (or illusory logic), hard edges, binary thinking, hierarchical power structure, change-avoidance. Third chakra stuff – the illusion of separation, individuality, Independence. Seeking the Divine outside of ourselves.

In doing this, we have disempowered ourselves. We have separated ourselves, quite literally, from ourselves. In this paradigm, our happiness, our fulfillment, our meaning, or wisdom has to come from outside, from somewhere else, not from us. We have been ruled by the negative ego side of our third chakra, that survival-instinct-gone-haywire that seeks to deter us from growth, change, and taking chances. I can point to various places along the way where we have tried to break out of it, even in the last 100 years, and yet, each time, those efforts have been derailed.

I think we really are moving into a paradigm shift, though. If you look at something as foundational as the job market, and how people work, it’s there. People used to stay not just in a career, but at a singular company for most of their lives. Now the length of tenure at a company averages less than five years. As much as people remain change-adverse, the paradigm has shifted. And that change aversion is more a habit and a symptom of the strength of the negative ego, rather than anything else. The way we move past that is to work out the opposing muscle, which is the Free Will. I don’t mean the free will of the third-dimensional human being, that part of you that wants ice cream. I mean that part of you that knows your Purpose, the small, still voice that tells you the Truth.

We must consciously reconnect all of our aspects. We must consciously reconnect with our Soul.

Connecting with all our aspects means getting to know and making friends with our shadow self. What are those aspects of yourself that you don’t like to look at or even acknowledge? As long as you push them away, you feed them, and they sabotage you. Even when you don’t act on them, when you don’t integrate them, you remain at cross purposes, and you aren’t going to be powerful. So start to look at those parts of yourself that you’ve been ignoring. Hold them up in the light. Examine them. Get to know them. Make friends with them. Find their strengths. And turn them into allies. Then, and only then, will you be able to truly harness your co-creative energies.

Connecting with our souls is the real paradigm shift. Your Soul is your true self. Your soul is all about the experience. Your soul is empowered, messy, passionate, vibrant. In order to do this, you have to let go of the idea of safety. When we are preoccupied with safety, we are in the future, and the Soul is all about being Here Now. Your Soul is your creative Self, it’s your Divine essence, it owns its space and its destiny. In order to connect with your Soul, you have to let go of the past. The past only exists in your head at this point. Be. Here. Now. When you are here now, you know everything you need to know, or how to find it; you are completely authentic; there is no preoccupation with how things look or the opinions of others. Image and masks only matter when your power comes from outside yourself. To be connected to your Soul is to be connected to your power, because your power comes from inside you.

For over 10 years, I have taught a Goddess Empowerment Workshop. It has been a glimpse into this idea of ensoulment, although I haven’t always framed it that way. The simple, two-hour (or less, if I was offering it at Pantheacon) workshop has helped people of all genders find their power. It has helped people overcome social anxiety and fears; it has helped people get out of abusive relationships, change careers, find their true calling. It’s based on a formula Spirit gave me that helped me connect with my own power more solidly.

This fall, I am taking this to the next level. Under the framework of looking at the Goddess in various cultures around the world, I will be providing a venue for people to consciously connect with their Souls. Every other Monday, for 14 weeks, we will be seeking Her out, examining how people from all over the planet have perceived Her, and finding our way back to that connection. I’m excited to be able to offer this, and I’m incredibly curious to witness and facilitate the transition, the paradigm shift, for others. Won’t you join me?

Introduction to Goddess Sudies will meet on alternating Mondays from September 14th through December 7th, 7:30 to 9:00pm, at the Crystal Matrix in Atwater Village. Investment is $40.50 per class, but if you pay in full by August 30th, there’s a 20% discount.

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