An Ode to Raindancer Frog

Raindancer Frog on my right,
Spirit of action,
of lifesbreath,
of change and transition,

Hear my song!

Child of Heket,
Child of Incorruptibility,
She who hops across the Veil with ease,

Hear my song!

It harmonizes with the fat drops of rain,
falling in puddles.
It weaves through the white noise
of a downpour.
It whispers out of the mist.

I sing to you of life,
Of gratitude,
Of motion,
Of pain.
I sing to you of shifting energies,
Of transitional spaces,
Of cleansing.
I sing to you from my depths,
That you might hear me,
See me,
Feel my pain.
I sing to you from the heights,
That you might sing with me,
And soothe my suffering heart,
My suffering soul,
My suffering body.

Thank you for nourishing the earth
with your bounty.
Thank you for cleaning the air.
Thank you for filling the rivers and streams and reservoirs,
and replenishing the blood of our city.

I would dance with you, if I could.
Instead, I sing.

Ayamanatara, 11/27/17

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Sound Therapy: Opportunities for More Study

Forms of sound therapy have been used to facilitate healing for thousands of years around the world. Chanting, drumming, singing, and instrumentation can all create change in the body and mind. The ancient Greek mathematics mystic Pythagoras even developed a mathematically based musical scale that had such profound effects that it was brought to the Christian Church by St Ambrose. Playing Mozart to children has been hypothesized to encourage cognitive ability, and encouraging them to play an instrument has been shown to raise scores on proficiency exams. Some clinical studies suggest that low frequency sound can reduce fibromyalgia pain. Other studies support the use of binaural beats (a specific form of sound therapy) as part of the treatment for attention and learning deficit disorders.

How does it work? Sound can creates shifts through synchronizing brainwave patterns, by providing a stable frequency for the brain to attune to. Rhythm and frequency can raise (speed up) or lower (slow down) brainwave patterns to enhance cognition, induce a meditative state, and even prompt the body to repair itself. During stage four sleep, the body is repairing itself. This is when the brain is producing a high percentage of delta brainwaves. By using specific frequencies and tones, those same patterns can be induced, thereby fostering the healing process. Some doctors encourage the use of sound therapy alongside allopathic medicine, arguing that it lowers stress hormones and strengthens immune systems.

Therapeutic Singing Bowls or Sound Bowls, used in Sound TherapyThrough my work in addiction treatment, I have been developing a modality of sound therapy that helps the client both increase their self control and reduce disordered thinking by teaching them to redirect their attention. In addition to the primary benefits, I am finding that it resets sleep patterns and reduces the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and anxiety. I intend to partner with a research team for clinical studies on this. In the meantime, I am seeing enough anecdotal results to begin training others to perform the treatments, and I am gathering initial data whenever I offer the therapy to the public.

If you are interested in experiencing a Therapeutic Sound Bowl Meditation, I will be offering a public one on Sunday, November 26th, from 5:00 to 6:00pm at The Crystal Matrix in Atwater Village. Bring a yoga mat or blanket to lay on. Private sessions are also available by appointment.

If you are interested in attending the Practitioner Training that begins in January, you can register here.

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Oh, that wacky sky energy…

Feeling edgy or anxious?

We’ve got a few things going on.

(1) This New Moon in Scorpio has some prickly energy associated with it. Best to do some writing, meditating, and/or general introspection. Just be prepared, it might get heavy. Better than not doing it, though.

(2) This week Earth has been moving through a stream of debris from Comet Encke, source of the annual Taurid meteor shower. Usually Taurus energy balances out Scorpio energy, but not when comets are involved. It’s hard for me to get physically comfortable during the Taurids.

    Pardon the tin foil hat moment, but I cant help but notice the similarity between Encke and Enki. If you were into Pleidians, you might remember that Enki was one of the partners in doing genetic experiments on Terrans. If you were into Numerology, you might remember that Enki’s sacred number is 40, which is the number of transformation. Or you might just enjoy the pretty light show.

(3) On November 16th, there was a pretty explosive meteor (not from Encke) strike. Even if you weren’t near Finland, the earth’s magnetic field received a jolt, and you might be reacting to it if you’re sensitive to such things.

(4) Today, as I’m writing this (11/17), there is a hole in the Sun’s atmosphere that is facing earth. Which means we have solar wind incoming, perhaps as early as Nov. 19th, with G1-class geomagnetic storms possible on Nov. 20th when Earth moves deeper into the gaseous material. We’re already easing into that. Solar storms make people “jangly” and out of sorts. This post has some solutions to dealing with that.

(5) We’re in the pre-shadow of Mercury Retrograde (started 11/14, actual retrograde period is 12/3-12/22). Energy is slowing down. The Universe asks you to think before you act or speak. Shortcuts will not serve you at this time. I know people dislike MRx, but that is only because they’re not paying attention. This is the break you’re always asking the Universe for. Stop, breathe, ground. Look at how you got to where you are. Tie up any loose ends. And then you can think about looking (not going) forward.

Overall, I recommend

  • grounding, repeatedly
  • drinking double the amount of water you normally do
  • moving slowly, consciously, and with purpose
  • cutting yourself and others some slack
  • adhering to or increasing your daily personal spiritual practice
  • and allowing yourself the luxury of the slow, stretchy cat energy.

  • It only hurts if you try to move too fast.

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