An Invocation of Hermes to Protect Immigrants

Hermes InvocationI don’t make a habit of reposting things by other authors wholesale link this, but this is important to get out to as wide an audience as quickly as possible. Original post here:

A spell to protect immigrants and refugees, especially those fleeing harm, and to encourage global fellowship and healing via the invocation and blessing of Hermes. This spell has been adapted from Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change (Llewellyn Worldwide).

Hermes is the god of travelers, roads, and borders (along with those who cross them). Travelers call upon him for protection during their journeys.

This should be considered an emergency working, especially in light of caged children, ICE raids, and continued scapegoating and maligning of refugees seeking escape from poverty and violence.

Although the phrase “no borders” is used in this ritual, it is not an appeal for a “no borders” immigration policy, but simply an affirmation that borders are arbitrary constructions and we are all one human family. As climate change, wars, and massive social inequality continue to create refugees around the world, artificial, human-drawn borders will become increasingly meaningless. We are all human beings on an imperiled planet, and we need to start acting like it.

This ritual is open-source and ecumenical, so feel free to call upon your preferred deity(s) and adjust the language accordingly. It can also be performed as a prayer if you lack the ritual components. Simply light any candle and recite the words with heartfelt intention. This is an ideal prayer for progressive Christians—simply substitute God or Jesus for Hermes, and supplement with a reading of Luke 10:30–37.

It should be noted that many individuals and groups are working more aggressive magic against ICE, operators of the Trump concentration camps, and the architects and perpetrators of racist, inhumane policies. I fully support those workings, and encourage those so inclined to join them. As members of the #MagicResistance, we should always dually focus our energies: protecting those who need it, while resisting and using all defensive magical and mundane means against the agents of violence and oppression.

Ideally perform during the waxing or full moon, but use whenever immigrants and refugees are coming under attack.


Printed photo or drawing of Earth from space
Blue candle
Statue or printed image of Hermes or Magician tarot card

Cut out the printed image or drawing of Earth so that it is a circle and place it on your altar between your elemental symbols. Place the blue candle on the center of the earth. Have the statue or image of Hermes or your Magician tarot card propped up and looking upon your ritual.

Do the Centering Ritual or your preferred method of creating sacred space.

Light the blue candle. Hold your arms in the orans position (arms extended to your sides, elbows bent, palms turned slightly upward; it should feel as if you are holding up a large, invisible ball).

Each time you repeat the refrain No borders, all one family, bring your hands to prayer posture, resting against your chest. Then return to the orans posture.

Say aloud:

Come unto me, Lord Hermes
Protector of travelers
Crosser of all boundaries
Bestow upon me your grace
And hear my prayer

May those fleeing persecution and danger
Be welcomed and protected

No borders, all one family

May families never be torn asunder
But united and made whole

No borders, all one family

May those suffering in cages
Be freed from their bondage

No borders, all one family

May those who spread hatred of immigrants
Recognize their kinship with all people

No borders, all one family

May boundaries dissolve
And borders disappear

No borders, all one family

May we all awaken to our common humanity
And accept our brothers and sisters with love and compassion

No borders, all one family

(Retain prayer position until the end of the spell.)

Lord Hermes, whose eyes are the sun and the moon
Please protect those traveling to foreign lands
And those suffering hardship in new lands
Open the hearts of the ignorant and bigoted
And awaken us all to love for our brothers and sisters
No matter where they were born
For thou art king of heaven and earth
And thy name and spirit rest upon the good

So mote it be!

(Stand silently, imagining a globe without borders, in which all humanity acknowledges our deep connection as one family.)

(Blow out the blue candle to end the ritual. Be sure to ground).

While you’re still feeling the leftover energy of the spell, make a donation (however small) to an immigrant rights or refugee support organization. One of my favorites is RAICES (donate here). If you desire, make it in the name of Hermes or the #MagicResistance.

Note: If done as a group, the leader should read the main passages while the others respond with the refrain No borders, all one family.

This is it, folks

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Starting My Own Business: A Tarot Workshop Question

On the first Wednesday of the month, I offer a tarot playshop/workshop. We play with our intuitive sides, using various exercises. The idea is to become a better reader (even if you don’t even think of yourself as a reader) by developing a visual language with your cards. One of the exercises we do is answer a question, usually from a previous student. Since they are all submitted to me anonymously, I have no idea what class they even came from. I am trying to remember to post the readings, so that, if someone still needs an answer to the question, they will see it. Plus it’s fun looking at the different readings. Please note that the focus is more about what comes to mind when the individual reader sees the cards, rather than on traditional interpretations of tarot cards.

Question: What are my biggest obstacles to starting my own business?
This month’s question

The exercise for this month’s class was for one person to throw cards and everyone to read that one spread. The spread in question is the one that use in public readings. Cards are thrown in rows and read in columns.

The cards are from the Robin Wood Tarot
PaC | Empress | 3C
Chariot | 5P | QC
7S | Magician | 6C

As you can see, from the abundance of Cups, the issue is largely emotional.

Each student (and I) wrote down their interpretation, and then we shared them as a group. At issue was fear (isn’t it always?), especially about having to be the one making all the big decisions. Everyone saw strong indicators of success. The biggest obstacles were

  • Not having a safety net (fear)
  • Having to be the decision maker (fear)
  • Loss of freedom and time (largely fear)
  • I trust this will reach the right person.

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    Tools for Spiritual Activism: Chanting

    I offer a Kabbalah Meditation every month, in conjunction with my Levels 1 & 2 Experiential Kabbalah classes. This month we were on Gevurah, which, to me, is always about cutting away that which no longer serves, paired with the fierce momma bear power, like a mother who can lift a bus to save her child. The Archangel in this pip is Kamael, who specializes in righting injustice. I tend to work with Archangel energy via chanting. It worked so well, I thought I would share!

    I suspect we can all agree that there is a lot of injustice in the world. I prefer to focus on righting either my own behavior or larger patterns, because what I perceive as personal injustice may not be. I’ve gotten fairly used to not being able to see the big picture in the moment, and am willing to allow Truth to be revealed in due time (mostly). In any event, as a group, we chose to focus on women’s health care.

    For this meditation, you will need a string of mala beads (108). A rosary will do in a pinch, although the number of beads is different (59) and you’ll want to do 2 rounds of chanting for every 1 round outlined here. You can also use a long string, and tie 108 knots in it, and use the knots to count your chant.

    Get comfortableand close your eyes. Ground. Set your intention; like I said, we were focussing on women’s health care – feel free to pick another large-scale injustice you feel needs righting.

    Start by chanting the “godname” for Gevurah, with is Elohim Gibor. Draw it out, toning the words so that they reverberate through your body. Feel the sound of your chant fill the room, sweeping aside anything that doesn’t need to be there. You may see, in your mind’s eye, the room will with a different sort of light as the vibration shifts. Do one Elohim Gibor per bead, starting from the tasseled bead, and ending when you return to the tasseled bead.

    Pause at the end of the round. Take a sip or two of water if you need to; if you’re really reverberating, it’s easy to get dehydrated.

    For the next round, you will be invoking Kamael. Chant “A Yo Ko Ma Ka Ma El.” It is possible that you will feel a presence, or even a vision of Kamael, wielding a sword. Bring to mind, once again, your intention to mind as you start chanting. When we did this, I slipped into multitonal throat singing, which has never happened before. Do another entire round.

    When you have finished chanting, sit in meditation, focusing on your intention, knowing that Kamael is able to do great works. When you are ready, bring yourself back to present slowly, feeling where you sit and the air on your skin. Wiggle your fingers and your toes, and stretch before opening your eyes.

    You can journal your experience, if you would like.

    Give yourself at least 15 minute of slowly moving around before you do something like get behind the wheel of a car.

    In the coming weeks, I hope to write about more tools for Spiritual Activism. We can work for change in our spiritual lives as well as out on the streets. Everyone had their strengths, everyone has their role. In addition to Spiritual Activism, I am also a huge fan of calling (not emailing – every call has to be logged) my Congresscritters.

    We have been so conditioned to feel powerless. Every step we take toward change re-empowers us. Don’t forget – you are the Light of the World!

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