Mercury Retrograde, in General and in Specific

Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus on Thursday. We’ve been in pre-shadow for a week or so, have you felt it?

While every Mercury Retrograde has its own flavor, there are some common themes, and they may not be what you think.

First of all, you know how you’re always hoping the Universe will give you just a little bit of a break, some breathing room, from the running-hustle-bustle of your life? Well, 3 or 4 times a year, that wish is granted in the form of Mercury Retrograde. Everything s-l-o-w-s down and moves like molasses. The difficulty comes when you want things to keep moving at that other pace. Just breathe, accept that this is your chance to think (and rethink) before you act or speak, and that the world is just not going to move at its usual speed.

Second of all, this period is an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate your thoughts, habits, and patterns. What works? What doesn’t work? What can you toss and what just needs tweaking?  Fine tune your world!

The third aspect of every Mercury Retrograde, and possibly the least talked about, is the fact that, when the energy slows down this much, it thickens. Thick energy means it’s much easier to manifest. That means you need to pay attention to what you are feeding through attention. Are you letting your head be filled with worries and fears, or are you focusing on those things you want to bring forth?

As far as this particular Mercury Retrograde period is concerned, we have a few factors at play.

First of all, there are a few other planets that are also slowing the energy and drawing our attention inward. Saturn, planet of limitations and rules, has been retrograde for a while; this has been prompting us to reevaluate our ideas of how the world works, our place in that world, and our concepts of self-discipline. Jupiter, planet of magnanimous expansion, is also in retrograde; our illusions of safety and protection are being stripped away and we are left with the opportunity to take an ultra-realistic look at where we are. Pluto (the unconscious and the shadow) recently joined the dance, intensifying our search for inner truth. And Mars (action, passion) is also “moving backwards,” slowing the energy even more, and asking us to take conscious control if our actions and reactions.

The constellation Taurus flavors this Mercury Retrograde. Taurus is the sign of material comfort, sensuality, and nesting. As Forest Nui Cobalt says, “The artifacts of our lives and identities can either weigh us down, or fuel our ascent. It all depends on how much of ourselves we’ve invested in our possessions.” This retrospective is going to have us looking at our relationship to the material, and at how much we really need in order to have ‘more than enough’. To put it a different way, find ways to create and foster win-win scenarios in every aspect of your life. Your wins don’t actually mean much if you’re not enhancing the greater good.

So, hopefully this longer-than-usual post has given you some good food for thought, a couple of guide posts, and is encouraging you to approach May very differently.

May you be the Light of the World!

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Navigating Grief

Endings are as inevitable as beginnings. Change is the only constant. Death is a transition. Energy does not vanish.

Part of the role of Shaman is that if Psychopomp, one who helps people cross over. It’s easier for people who stand with one foot on either side of the veil. It is an important role, midwifing that transition. It is not, however, easy.

I have had a different relationship than my peers with death for as long as I can remember. I don’t fear it, never have. I even advocate people being able to choose the manner and time of their passing. A person can never know the level of suffering of another, and those that throw around the “suicide is selfish” trope are just as guilty of selfishness as those who choose that as a way out.

This does not mean that I don’t grieve. Grief is a natural reaction to endings. We grieve the end of chapters in our lives as well as the end of volumes. Our society is not particularly good at supporting that, so people can get stuck in that space. Every ending is different, so each instance of grief is different. Placing expectations (how long it’s going to last, what it’s going to feel like, the pattern and flavor of it) on grief can get us stuck too.

The way to support grief in others is to hold space. Love them, approach them without judgment, let them feel supported. The way to support grief in yourself is to simply allow for the process and to stay out of self-judgment. Sense a theme?

Anniversary dates will have their own flavor of grief as well. The birthday and deathiversary of those who were close to me tend to bring another layer of the onion, and I have to stay out of the idea that “I should be over this by now.”

A significant number of deaths in my life cluster around the thinnings of the veil. April and October are rough for me. It seems like every few years, another name gets added to the roster, another prayer flag gets made (I ran out of room on my ancestors’ altar years ago, and now I make a flag for each person), a fresh layer of grief gets slapped over the older coats. On Good Friday this year, my community lost a beautiful soul to a tragic car accident. This past weekend was the birthday of a friend who succumbed to cancer a few years back. Thursday is my father’s birthday, he would have been 93. Friday is the deathiversary of two dear friends, and Monday is another one.

It hits me differently every year. Last year I got a bit of a reprieve, because my husband and I were able to be out of town. This year is messy, and that has to be okay.

Most Tuesdays I walk the labyrinth in Malibu, because I have space and opportunity to do so. My releasing mantra on the way in today was simple: “I release all my anger, all my grief, all my attachments.” Interestingly, the church that hosts the labyrinth has put their cross from Holy Week at the center, and the energy is quite different.  In contemplation, the question arose, “If you let go of the grief, how do you honor those who have gone before, without wallowing in the loss?” The answer is simple: do something in their memory. How would they want to be remembered? What is the highest expression of the energy of their life? The path out of the labyrinth was just icing today – I got clear images for some of the flags I have not yet made.

Tell me how you honor your dead. Tell me what the highest expression of the energy of their life is. Tell me what you think they would have you do in their memory.

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New Merchandise Available!

I recently got back some things from a venue that closed, and would like to get them out of my office, because, as anyone who has seen my office can attest, I have limited space on the best of days.

merchandise: Faery Crystal Chakra KitI have:

  • 5 Faery Crystal bags: Small crystal chakra balancing kits in a terrifically portable size!
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    – Communing with the Ancestors (cinnamon, white sage, black sage, cedar, rosemary) $5
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    merchandise: crystal clearing bowl
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  • Crystal Clearing Bowl – Relieve Emotional Effects of Monthly Hormonal Shifts (small) $40
    Himalayan salt, lavender, hematite, jasper, ruby, garnet, and moonstone in an opalescent Turkish glass bowl
  • Crystal Clearing Bowl – Relieve Emotional Effects of Monthly Hormonal Shifts (small) $40
    Himalayan salt, lavender, hematite, carnelian, aquamarine, golden quartz, rose quarts, smokey quartz, and larimar in an opalescent Turkish glass bowl



I will be putting them up in the sales area in the next week or so, but if you’d like to get something in the meantime, drop me a note. If you are going to be at one of my classes or New Moon or the Psychic Faire, you can avoid paying shipping, but you will need to let me know in advance so I bring it.

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