The energies today

…are interesting enough that it warranted a post.

It is the Summer Solstice. The height of the men’s lodge, full of questions and answers.

It is a full moon, the second in Sagittarius. Full moon tends to be a time to uncover, discover, and, perhaps, discard. Not all full moon realizations are big or dramatic, but it’s important to feel like they are. (Dana Gerhardt) And Sag likes to examine big questions.

Neptune has been retrograde for a week. What have you learned? What no longer works the way you thought it should? How much has your intuition increased?

Those are the big ones, today. Pay attention. Expand your mind. Mull things over. Absorb and process.

A good contemplative exercise for today is to sit out, somewhere you can see the horizon both east and west, and watch the sun set on the longest day, and then watch the full moon rise. Insights may cascade for you, or it may just be relaxing.

May you be the light of the world!

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Creating True Freedom

Here is a basic truth:

If I feel that I am wronged, no matter how strong of a boundary I draw, if I cannot remove my ego from the equation, the other party still has all the power.

Every person with a physical body has a Negative Ego. This is a part of us that is a holdover from the time of little technology and lots of predators above our weight class, so to speak. The Negative Ego told us “don’t leave the cave, and you won’t get eaten.” While it’s a fear-based message, it was pretty useful at the time. But it’s still there, even though humans are now an apex predator. And it thinks that, if it’s not in charge, we’re going to die. That survival-level fear means it is going to do anything in its power to maintain control. If it can hook us through the stories it tells us about what something means, it will.

So, there may not be sabertooth cats anymore, but there’s that person over there, and whatever we think they have done may be just enough to hook us, to spin us out, so we don’t find another way to be, another operating system to run things.

How can we sidestep this process?

* Find the actually verifiable information. Where am I? Am I warm or cold? Is it light or dark? What do I smell? What do I see? What do I hear? What am I physically feeling?

* Get right-sized. What part did I play in setting up the situation that is causing me discomfort? How important is this situation in the grand scheme of things? How invested am I in being right?

* Redirect the attention. What can I focus on that’s not ego-based? How can I get out of myself for a minute? Where can I be of useful service, not in a way that will feed my ego, but in a way that will actually lighten someone else’s burden?

These things will help remove the hook, the attachment, that our ego has used to try to control us. Otherwise we run the risk of abusing ourselves on behalf of others, when they may not even actually know they have a part to play in this scene.

And when I remove the hook, I take my power back, and I am free.

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New Moon in Gemini

This New Moon is less about new beginnings and more about getting ready for a new future. In order to do that, we have to be willing to look at the Truth.

Some questions for contemplation:

How do you make choices?
Do you choose from fear, faith, or confidence?
Do you make the choices that are best for you or best for others?
Do you make choices because you want to or because you have to?

Do you seek to create a balance between the push and the pull, between the expansion and contraction, or do you let yourself drift unconsciously into extremes? In other words, how is your self discipline and self awareness?

Are you taking equal care of yourself on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels?
What do you put into your body and how do you move your physical energy?
Are you striving to learn something new every day?
How is your meditative practice?
Do you check your spiritual alignment on a daily basis?

What beliefs about yourself, about your self worth, and about how the world works are you clinging to out of a yearning for safety and familiarity, even though you suspect that they are holding you back?

Are you letting your fear make you look for outside validation and instruction, or are you listening to your small, still voice that tells you the Truth?
Are you getting caught up on drama and stories, or are you sitting in silence?

A prayer from the Benedictine Monks at the Weston Priory, in honor of my father.

The wise tell us that God abides
In silence –
That God speaks in the silent serenity
Of the heart;
Let us not speak of silence;
Rather, let silence speak to us
Of God.
Let us enter, through the door of serenity,
The silence of our heart.

The chatter of our fears, our anger, our anxiety –
The chatter of our desires and curiosity,
Of our projected plans and unfinished work –
Falls away in serenity
And makes space,
For a new heart,
Created in the silence of prayer,
Created in the prayer of silence…

A heart that is free,
Peaceful, quiet and calm;
A heart that is one…

A heart so large and wide
That it embraces the God of All
And the All of God
The God who in silence speaks all languages
The God who in silence speaks in all creatures
The God who in silence speaks one word
The God who speaks of love.

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