Reality Check: Titua’Abine Speaks

The time is passed
When you can say you’re sorry
To me
To the Earth
To your children.

The wrath has begun.

You are not being punished,
Make no mistake,
You are merely
Being cleared away.

When your numbers are smaller,
You will be more aware
Of your footprint.


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A Tour Around the Web

In my travels around the Internet, I come across links that you might find of interest. Sometimes I remember to make note of them…

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When Things Go Wrong They Can Still Be A Force For Good

I still need to write my wrap up from Pantheacon. This is more important right now. I first heard about this my my roommate at P-con, a woman who was deeply affected by the events in question. There were more posts than the ones I have included below, but these are the three that, for me, stand out.

Festivals and events have a long-standing, unofficial tradition of satirical publications. Sometimes they fall short of the mark. This is one of those times.

I sincerely hope that this horribleness (is that a word? I don’t really care right now, it conveys the meaning I intend) results in the revocation of “favored nation status” at P-con for groups that can’t see far enough past their own privilege to find their compassion.

Racism and Activism at Pantheacon

Truth & Joy: Confronting Racism in Religion

PantheaCon 2015; Pain, Healing Work, Allyship in Action and Coalition Building

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