There is more than one way to bear fruit

Titua'AbineThis year, in my Full Moon Women’s Circle, we have been working with the information from Lasara Firefox Allen’s book, Jailbreaking the Goddess. In it, she encourages us to look beyond biology so that we can rehumanize women in our society. As long as women are defined by their “usefulness” to society (through childbearing and giving pleasure), they will be seen as commodities, not people. It further devalues women who do not bear children, whatever the reason. Creativity is more than just the creation of human life. People use the creative goddess energy to bring ideas, projects, art, and solutions through on a daily basis.

I bring this up because this month’s Goddess Healing workshop is the Goddess Healing of Titua’Abine, of Kiribati in the South Pacific. She is a tree and lightning Goddess, which is a fascinating combination, because it gives her a balanced energy not often seen in deities – lightning is symbolic of force/energy/chaos and fruit trees are symbolic of form/receptivity/renewal. The myths tell of her being a gorgeous, red-skinned goddess with blue eyes that flash like lightning. When she was unable to bear children (or bear fruit), it is said, she withered and died, and three trees grew from her grave – a coconut palm (a fruit that remedies systemic imbalances in the body; the tree symbolic of connection with inspiration) from her head, an almond (a yoni-shaped fruit that balances blood sugar) from her navel, and a pandanus (a tree with above-ground roots, central to the local economy, whose flower is used for making a ritual beverage) from her heels (more health benefits of Pandanus here).

The healing she brings is the energy of transmutation, of healing through plant medicine, and of harnessing the energy of chlorophyll for regeneration. In return, she asks her practitioners to be creative, and to foster better harmony with and conservatorship of nature.

Join us, won’t you?

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Reading for October – We are of the Earth

Queen of Pentacles
from The Starman Tarot by Davide and Esther De Angelis

Queen of Pentacles from the Starman Tarot by Davide and Esther De Angelis“We are all part of Mother Earth: an indivisible, living community of interconnected systems. Evidence of exploitation and contamination of the lands, over the years, has lead to corrosive deterioration and destruction, threatening the diversity of life, including our own. If we were boldly to proclaim, as Universal Declaration of Rights announcing the Earth is Gaia; a living entity with the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles; then might we not be catalyzing the life force from the seed pod with our own hands? We need legal power to prevent misguided interests from treating this Earth as mere property to be sold to the highest bidder. Might it protect the gift of fresh, clean water – less than 3% of all water sources and even more miraculously fragile, less than .01% of the surface water found in lakes, swamps, rivers, and streams?”

Something happened at the founding of the United States that shifted the value system of the planet over time. Early in our history, the pinnacle of success was defined as profit. For a time, the rest of the world just watched; now, though, this idea has infected every major system in the world. What if we defined success as something else? What if we defined success by the quality of life of the poorest of our members, rather than our richest? What if we defined success by the robustness of our population? What if we defined success as the solving or problems and challenges? What if we defined success as every person doing something that involved their passion? We have gotten so money-focused that most people don’t even know what their passion is; they have become so confused by the programming of our society, they no longer hear their heartsong.

“This Queen is certainly moved to take action. Despite her considerable wealth and status, she is conscious of the precious opportunities and resources she can access in her daily life. She doesn’t take them for granted for one minute. Aware of her afforded privileges that many in the developing world don’t have, she realizes wealth for all can only happen when we engage our collective political and social will to distribute it fairly. You are being invited to connect with the natural abundance of nature that is your birthright and channel it beautifully to catalyze life.”

As we move further into this paradigm shift, we need to acknowledge what does not work and set new goals. If you can redefine the meaning of success for yourself, it starts to radiate outward, and we can ‘infect’ the world with a new, healing virus. Look to the children, asking us to learn new values; they know. Listen to the Ancestors, they are no longer stuck in this paradigm, and they can show you. Take October to really look at what we are doing to our legacy, what we are leaving for those who will come after. We are a global community. Let’s start to act like it.

You are the light of the world!

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You’re probably overwhelmed. Here’s why.

Last weekend I started feeling overwhelmed. It happens sometimes. Instead of getting better as I used my tools, though, the overwhelm kept increasing. By this weekend, I was almost incapable of getting things done and ended up eating froyo and binge watching TV. Core issues were coming up, and I wasn’t able to get an appointment with any of my colleagues to work through them. My brain got stuck in “I can’t”.

Full Moon in Pisces - are you overwhelmed?I was working on putting together information for my Full Moon Women’s Circle (which I ended up having to cancel anyway), and I realized, “Hey, it’s a full moon.” Sometimes I’m a master of the obvious. People get emotional and things can be wacky at Full Moon. And then I noticed it was a PISCES Full Moon. ::shudder:: Pisces Full Moon, for me anyway, is even more emotional than a Cancer Full Moon (which is pretty emotional). As I attempted to plow through the information from the various astrologers I follow, I realized that this was a doozy (something about Neptune also being in Pisces, apparently). Sarah Varcas used the phrase “an unnerving dissolution of self.” Lena over at The Power Path said “Holding on to the familiarity of our dysfunctions is breeding suffering and despair.”

I started getting confirmation almost immediately, as I became aware of how many other people were also feeling overwhelmed. This wasn’t just me. Knowing that is helpful, although it doesn’t mitigate the fact that the Giant Squid of Emotions is trying to swallow me whole.

Basically, for a lot of us, those core issues that we’ve been not processing deeply enough are rising up and giving us no choice. I mean, yes, sure, you always have a choice, it’s a Free Will Universe. Believe me, though, dealing with the stuff that’s trying to swallow your face is probably the better option. Write about it so it’s not rolling around in your heady like a snowball, getting bigger. Talk to your shrink, spiritual advisor, or whoever will let you process verbally without trying to fix you. Be present to the feelings so you can move through it. Throw all your tools at it. But deal with it now.

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