November Newsletter

The veils between worlds are thin…

This most recent New Moon (10/23) and Solar Eclipse have catapulted us into a place where we have the option of living our dreams, but only if we are willing to go into the shadows and see what we find. Your shadow self is that part of you which you are loathe to face, that part of you to which you do not give voice, those aspects of your personality that you would rather not admit exist. They pop out occasionally, don’t think they don’t. If you made friends with them and acknowledged the strength they give you, they would stop crashing the party. And this is the perfect time to do that. Every negative has a positive; sometimes it requires a slight tweak or a change of viewpoint, sometimes it just requires that you own it or make friends with it. A perfect example is that stubbornness can become perseverance. Take the time between now and the 10th to turn your gaze inward, into the shadows, and see what you find.

I have a few events coming up that I’d like to call your attention to (the first two being very pertinent to your shadow work), in addition to the list below.

  • October 29th – Healing Your Ancestral Lineage – this 2 hour workshop will take you back to meet those who hold the pure energy of your lineage, so you can carry it forward into your present. The by-product of this is that it can start to heal any distortions that have occurred, even in the living.
  • November 7th (Astrological Samhain) – Journey the Invocation – please join Scott Smith and I, as we go through a ritual to activate a shamanic trance, stimulated by the chemistry produced in your brain, so that you can stand in the presence of the Divine and receive guidance. We figure, the veil is at its thinnest, why not go big?
  • Coming in January – An online workshop in Experiential Kabbalah. We will meet on a monthly basis via the internet for one year. If you are interested in participating, please contact me so I can keep you posted. Feel free to let other people who might be interested know about it!

May you be the Light of the World!

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Solar Flare Alert!

SpaceWeather says

 Giant sunspot AR2192 erupted again on Oct. 24th (21:40 UT), producing a powerful X3-class solar flare. Using a backyard solar telescope, Sergio Castillo of Corona, California, was monitoring the sunspot when it exploded:

“This flare was so intense that it almost shorted out my computer! Well … not really,” says Castillo, “but I knew right away that it was an X-class eruption.”

A pulse of extreme UV radiation from the flare ionized the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere, causing a brief but strong blackout of HF radio communications over the dayside of Earth. Such blackouts may be noticed by amateur radio operators, aviators, and mariners.

Coronagraph data from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) suggest that the explosion did not hurl a significant CME toward our planet. (Interestinngly, none of the X-flares from this active region has so far produced a major CME.) As a result, Earth-effects may be limited to the radio blackout.

That massive wave of things-not-working-right (and I don’t even mean electronics) yesterday was probably due to this flare.

Ground. Ground ground ground. Go stick your bare feet in the grass/dirt/sand right now.

Do 3 energetic Sun salutations. Reach up, and feel yourself connecting with the energy of the Sun. Grab it, and pull that down, though the top of your head (crown chakra), and down into your heart center. Let it pull you into alignment. Then send it down your legs into the earth. Again, do this three times.

Drink more water, preferably with a little lemon squeezed into it (if you’re not on any prescription medication, grapefruit will also work). The more hydrated you are, the easier it is to bring yourself into alignment.

Remember that this makes for the crazy. Just because you have tools doesn’t mean everyone else does. Proceed with caution, drive defensively, cut people some slack, and don’t poke the bear.

What it’s all about:

We’ve moved into some heavy Scorpio energy. This is an opportunity for huge growth, and you can even use it to rocket you toward new dreams and new goals (or old ones, if a change doesn’t feel right). Scorpio has a lot of Fire Goddess energy (what did you think was powering the rocket?), which means you’re going to have to make a sacrifice. No, silly, put that goat back. An internal sacrifice. Time to take a look at your attachments. Got any addictions? Time to give them up. Any obsessions or unhealthy compulsions? Offer them to the fire. In the realm of personal growth, is there anything you’ve said “I’ll do anything, change anything, but not that“? Time to give that up, or get really uncomfortable. Or, more to the point, continue to feel really uncomfortable.

Have fun! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

I’m going to try to go back to sleep now…

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Web Links Wrap Up

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