More on Navigating the Current Mercury Retrograde

This Mercury Retrograde seems to have 2 main components:

(1) We are being asked to do some heavy processing of old old old issues from our past, sometimes with the focus on just being present to the emotions that come up without even knowing what they are attached to; and

(2) Being super flexible with planning.

The key to number 1 is to strive to just be present to how you’re feeling in the moment, without judging, analyzing, or trying to find reasons for it. Looking for the why of how we feel lets the negative ego in and can easily take us out of the present. Emotions can only be processed in the present, even if they are old. Looking for reasons can also allow the negative ego to start telling us stories, which puts us in our head, not our heart. Be present, now. As yourself what the physical sensations are that you are having. Don’t even give the sensations a label if you can, just feel what you’re feeling on as physical level as possible.

Number 2 sounds obvious, but it’s not. We get very invested in whatever plans we’ve made and are liable to take it personally when those plans change due to reasons outside of our control. The more you can just shrug and roll with the punches, the more you will see that things are actually working out better than you could have planned. Keep breathing, everything will get done and everything will work out.

I recorded a video ritual for The Crystal Matrix this week that might also help. It’s not up on their website yet (it’s for June), but you can check it out over at their YouTube channel.

Best of luck!

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Intro Classes

I don’t teach a lot of introductory classes any more. I like being able to delve more deeply into topics. Even my main into-level class, Psychic Protection, is pretty data-heavy for an 8 hour class and requires work between class sessions.

I understand, though, that most people need to find out more about a topic to have sufficient information before they can decide to jump into a topic more intensively. So I’m trying to schedule more introductory and “taste of” type classes. I’ve got an overview of the chakras scheduled up at La Luna in Newhall, and we’re talking about doing a brief healing stones class as well. I’ll be teaching an introduction to goddess studies class at MIU this fall. In July, Patricia Hankins and I will be co-teaching an Intro to Shamanism course, also at MIU. I’ve had enough interest that I’m putting an introductory channeling class on the books as well, but that’s not quite a beginner-level workshop…

I’ve got some one-off workshops scheduled on Solar Deities, Managing Chronic Pain, Stress Reduction, and Finding Your Theme for The Year in the next few months. I may make some of these available on-line, as well.

If there is a topic you’re intrigued by, or something you want to learn a little more about, let me know. If it seems like enough people share that interest, I can put something together.

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Monthly Special

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