Fabulous Shifting Schedules

I have eased into a place where I have to trust the Universe about timing and class enrolment. Generally speaking, and it is somewhat venue-dependent, I have a four person minimum for classes. In other words, if I don’t have at least 4 paid sign ups within 5-7 days of the start date, that class is going to be cancelled. It is a courtesy to the venue, and to any students who did pre-register, to not wait any longer than that. I don’t consider anyone registered until they have paid, because this is Los Angeles, and people get busy. Classes that require me to travel have even more lead time, because there are more logistics.

This Fall has been pretty good in this regard. I have only had to reschedule or cancel a small handful of classes. Interestingly, the ones that do have enrolment issues have frequently been classes I have put together by special request from my core students.

This is, in part, a preamble to say that the Houseclearing Workshop for this weekend has been cancelled. I would prefer to teach it in November or December, so it may not reappear on the schedule until late next year.

Similarly, I find that my Goddess Empowerment Workshop does best February through June, so I will only be scheduling it during that time period, which also means only once a year per geographic area.

Anything Fae-related is only going to be scheduled between April and September(ish), because that realm is much easier to connect with during that time.

A perfectly positioned class, on the other hand, is this month’s Magickal Foundations class. We will be focusing on Meditative Journeys, which is appropriate for the season. Meditation and introspection are well suited to the dark part of the year, but this class will be focusing on imagination. magick, and using a specific type of meditation to boost the oomph in your practice. I’m looking forward to exploring it with my students.

While I’m on the topic of scheduling classes, I have 4 class series starting up in January: Kabbalah 1 and 3Shamanic Practitioner Training, and a Chakras workshop (up in Valencia). Advance registration is open on the first three; we will be getting the page ready for Chakras very soon. 

A good rule of thumb, if you very much want a class to happen, is to sign up in advance, and recruit others to do the same.

My schedule through March is pretty full. Any additions to the calendar won’t be until at least April. Please plan accordingly.

Have a marvelous winter holiday season!

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The Energy of of New Beginnings – December 2016

I meant to make a post on the New Moon, when the energy of new beginnings was anchored, but this last week has had an abundance of work, and my time at the keyboard has been limited. Such is the result of the current energies.

The energy that was set at the darkest Dark Moon of the year sets us up for 2017 in a very tangible way. 2017 will be a “1” year, which is a time of new beginnings, and the Sagittarius New Moon has offered us the illumination of a new path. There will, in fact, be so much newness that we run the risk of going to extremes – please make sure to practice self care. I recommend doubling down on your spiritual practice, as well as drinking more water, and being as aware as possible.

We are in the pre-shadow of Mercury Retrograde as of December 1st, and will be in full retrograde 12/19 – 1/8. Avoid shortcuts, act and communicate consciously, and take things slowly. Even more so because it’s the winter holidays. This is the time of year where our natural inclination is to stay indoors, in tight-knit community, being quiet and introspective, yet society demands that we go out and be social. Mercury retrograde is the periodic slow down of energy, where we are being given the break we so frequently ask the Universe for. Our frustration comes from the fact that it’s not on the timing of our own choosing. In any event, we are going to have to slow down this month, the Universe is leaving us little option.

The question we have been asked for this transitional chapter is

Where are we holding on to illusions that do us more harm than good?
The commitment we are asked to make is to

Follow your own truth and integrity, regardless of what happens.
As we moved through the Dark Moon, the Earth was getting hit by unexpected M-class solar flares, amplifying the energies and supercharging our hearts. We have the power and the strength to move into the next chapter of our lives, the question becomes, what are we going to do with it? If we do not stand in our Truth, if we do not speak up for what we know in our hearts is right, we are going to be terribly uncomfortable, both on an individual and a global basis. Do not be swayed by illusion, not matter how convenient or comfortable it may seem. New beginnings are not forged in comfort.

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Emptying the Vessel

I empty my cup.

I release my attachment to all those things which no longer serve me. I release my attachment to  all my fears. I release my attachment to all my emotions, my judgments, my impatience. I release my attachment to resistance.

I release my attachment to those things that I think still serve me. 

I release my attachment to the past. I release my attachment to my future. I release my attachment to the present. I release of it.

I release my attachment to my hopes and dreams, my aspirations, my desires.

I release my attachment to all of my possessions.

I release my attachment to all of the people in my life.

I release my attachment to The Way Things Should Be.

I release everything I can, and everything I think I cannot.

I am an empty vessel for the Divine.

It is only in creating space for Divine Inspiration that I can be full inspired. When I rigidly hold on to what I think I know, I remain unteachable. When I tightly hold on to anything, I cannot open my hand to receive; I am tense, I cannot relax.

What are you holding on to today? 

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