The Power of Water

January 6th is the Feast of the Epiphany, the last day of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and the day on which Priests in the Eastern Orthodox Church bless the waters. Seems like as good a time as any to talk about Water. 

Water is an excellent conductor. Well, that’s not exactly true. Water is actually an excellent insulator. Water is, however, an excellent ionic solvent, and the dissolved ions in water conduct energy well. Ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical charge.

Energy has a push and a pull, a positive and a negative charge, that is the motion inherent in all existence. When water crashes into things, like in a waterfall or waves, the ions release their electrical charge, which shifts the energy of a space on such a palpable level that it shifts the mood of those exposed. 

In a number of traditions, the creation myth holds that water existed before everything else. In the Abrahamic system, before the Divine One(s) decide(s) starts creation, before land and sky, it/they looked out upon the waters. Water is primordial.

Innumerable traditions around the world have a flood myth. Sometimes the same traditions that believe water predates creation. Water as a tool of cleansing, a reset button. Water, the beginning of life; water, the destroyer. The end all, be all.

In Kabbalah, water is intimately associated with the Feminine Divine, the Mother Archetype. She is the embodiment of the pull, the negative polarity. It is she who establishes and holds boundaries. Without her, there would be no form.

In the Hypostasis of the Archons, one of the tellings of the creation myth found in the Abrahamic line, the Feminine Divine is the one who breathes the spark of life into the prototype human, which makes him more than something made of clay and mud.

Humans and animals need water to survive. Even crystals need water to grow. We exist for over nine months in water in the womb. Water is Life (mni wiconi). The struggle over water began a long time ago, and it is getting louder. A critical mass of people lacking usable water has been reached, and it’s not just the poor and downtrodden. Those who think they are middle class also lack usable water, which is why they buy it, at prices higher than they pay for gasoline.

Water is everything. Without it, nothing. Water is sacred.  Blessing is a symbiotic relationship. You can see how water blesses you. How will you bless water?

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Grandmother Tree

Pincrest Lake

grandmother treeWhile I was in the mountains over New Year’s weekend, I had occasion to commune with a tree. To be fair, I had occasion to commune with many trees, but this one stood out. She was large, with a thick trunk, although she wasn’t a redwood. She didn’t have a visible Ent, and yet she called to me, beckoning me closer.

I put my hands on her trunk, and she drew me in. I was going through layers – first bark, then rings, all the way to her core, where I expanded in both directions – down into the earth and her vast root system, and still farther, into the core of the earth; and up into her branches, and still farther as she reached into the heavens. She was made of love. Her energy was much faster than that of most trees with which I have communed, almost as if she was a herald for the rising vibration of the planet.

I felt like we had blessed each other, and I was suddenly aware of the people I had come with, and I left her.

If you are ever out in nature, and a tree calls to you, don’t ignore it. They usually don’t call to you without reason, even though we are cousins.

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Looking at 2018: Thoughts and Predictions

From the January newsletter… I was looking at the numerology for 2018, and cross referencing it with some astrological events, and it’s very interesting. 2018 will be an “11” year, which means we have the option, to paraphrase Michelle Obama, of going high or going low. It can either be a divisive year, where the polarization in the world gets more extreme; or it can be a year of spiritual beginnings. In other words, depending on how we approach it, this could be the paradigm shift I’ve been talking about.

Before I go on, allow me to remind you that every event has multiple levels of information; basically it extends through multiple dimensions. So we have the choice to see things at the highest level of Spirit that we can reach, to see things at the level of expanded awareness while still rooted to the third dimension, to see things from a place of survival and fear, or anything in between. I would ask you to do your best to assess this information from the highest level of understanding that you can reach. That’s how we get to play with 11 (spiritual beginnings), rather than 2 (polarization).

A true paradigm shift is going to include changing the way we relate to each other, and one of the main ways we communicate is via commerce. In mid-May, Uranus enters Taurus. Taurus rules finance. Uranus destabilizes whatever it comes in contact with. Reversals are common. In an “11” year, this becomes especially important. If we change the basis of the power structure, we end the illusion of lack. We have the chance to create true equality. I’m excited! Are you?

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