Generating Larger Data on Patterns and Trends

I like numerology. It’s easy for me to drill down into the nitty gritty with is and, when I combine it with some light astrology (mostly phases of the moon and retrograde patterns), I’m able to get accurate timing on things at a level not available to me otherwise. It’s probably in my blood – my father was a mathematician. While I have never shared his high level appreciation for its mechanics, there is something about the language of numbers that does work for me.

Numerology, with the spice of some astrology, is what I use for my forecasts for the year, both on a personal and global level. I start to see patterns that provide a framework into which the channeled information fits. As an example, when I was looking at patterns around the first 100 days of the new administration, Spirit flagged 1/19, which is technically the day before the administration takes effect. When I looked at it, I saw it was a last quarter moon, which tends to be a bit wobbly, energy-wise. We’ll still be in the wake or post shadow of this very intense Mercury Retrograde until the 27th. And the numerology of the date is 21 (3×7) or 3, which suggests to me intervention, coming of age, a major shift, and amplification. Since Spirit had already flagged the date as interesting, I then looked at it on a purely energetic level and got some truly unusual feedback, both tactile, verbal, and visual. I’m not a fan of fear-based information, so I’m just going to say that it’s going to be a weird week and you couldn’t pay me enough money to be in DC, New York, or St Louis around then.

When I do the forecasts that come with my personality reports, it’s much the same. I start with numerology, weave in some basic astrology, and then see what guidance wants to bring up. It seems to be useful information – I have clients who get such a “reading” (really more of a report, in my mind) every year.

Doing things this way is much more noodley or fussy than a card reading, and can’t be done on the fly. It may not address specific questions, although it’s a great way to schedule vacations and major changes like weddings or changing careers. So it doesn’t work for everything. I do find, though, that it’s helpful for patterns and overviews.

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Using the New Moon in Capricorn to Create Real Change

Has this Mercury retrograde cycle felt more introspective to you? It has to me. As we move into tonight’s New Moon, and then into 2017, that’s going to intensify. Since we’re moving into a new aeon, let’s talk about setting up the foundations for real change.

One of the reasons that New Year’s resolutions are frustrating is that we tend to make resolutions for change that aren’t in line with our heartsong or our Truth. Instead, they’re based on what we think we should want, how we think we should be, or a general idea of being broken.

Start by affirming what works, what is lovable and worthy, and what makes your heart sing. Make a list of what you like, admire, or respect about yourself. Decide how long of a list that’s probably going to be and make your goal at least 10 more things.

Now look at the world around you, and how you interact with it. Start with what works before you get into what could be improved. How do you actually want to interact with the world? How do you want that interaction to feel? What are your values and are you acting in accordance with them? Where do you put your energy?

Now, what is in your power to change, within yourself, to become who you we’re meant to be? Break it down into the smallest bite-sized pieces. What is the first step? How can you start to redirect your energy in the world? Who is working to effect change that is in alignment with your values, and can you team up with them? Are there people or organizations from whom you can learn? The new aeon is going to be about unity, teamwork, and relationships.

One of the keys to resolutions that work is a willingness to fail and then continue on. We live in a society that is, for a large part, based on the idea of instant gratification, but that does not serve us well when we are working toward lasting change. There is nothing shameful in failure, as longs as we use it as a learning opportunity and continue moving toward the goal. Setbacks aren’t an indication you’re on the wrong path; setbacks happen. Keep moving forward.

If you are reading this after Wednesday, don’t worry. The influence of the New Moon lasts for 3 days, and you have the added benefit of both Mercury retrograde and the start of 2017 to add to that. Do the work now, whenever you are reading this post.

Remember, you are the Light of the World!

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Blessed Solstice to You and Yours

Like antlers, like veins of the brain the branches
Mark patterns of mind on the red winter sky;
‘I am thought of all plants,’ says the Green Man,
‘I am thought of all plants,’ says he.

The hungry birds harry the last berries of rowan
But white is her bark in the darkness of rain;
‘I rise with the sap,’ says the Green Man,
‘I rise with the sap,’ says he.

The ashes are clashing their boughs like sword-dancers,
Their black buds are tracing wild faces in the clouds;
‘I come with the wind,’ says the Green Man,
‘I come with the wind,’ says he.

The alders are rattling as though ready for battle
Guarding the grove where she waits for her lover.
‘I burn with desire,’ says the Green Man,
‘I burn with desire,’ says he.

In and out of the yellowing wands of the willow
The pollen-bright bees are plundering the catkins;
‘I am honey of love,’ says the Green Man,
‘I am honey of love,’ says he.

The hedges of quick are thick with may blossom
As the dancers advance on the leaf-covered King;
‘It’s off with my head,’ says the Green Man,
‘It’s off with my head,’ says he.

Green Man becomes grown man in flames of the oak
As its crown forms his mask and its leafage his features;
‘I speak through the oak,’ says the Green Man,
‘I speak through the oak,’ says he.

The holly is flowering as hayfields are rolling
Their gleaming long grasses like waves of the sea;
‘I shine with the sun,’ says the Green Man,
‘I shine with the sun,’ says he.

The hazels are rocking the cups of their nuts
As the harvesters shout when the last sheaf is cut;
‘I swim with the salmon,’ says the Green Man,
‘I swim with the salmon,’ says he.

The globes of the grapes are robing with bloom
Like the hazes of autumn, like the Milky Way’s stardust;
‘I am crushed for your drink,’ says the Green Man,
‘I am crushed for your drink,’ says he.

The aspen drops silver of leaves on earth’s salver
And the poplars shed gold on the young ivy flowerheads;
‘I have paid for your pleasure,’ says the Green Man,
‘I have paid for your pleasure,’ says he.

The reedbeds are flanking in silence the islands
Where meditates Wisdom as she waits and waits;
‘I have kept her secret,’ says the Green Man,
‘I have kept her secret,’ says he.

The bark of the elder makes whistles for children
To call to the deer as they rove over the snow.
‘I am born in the dark,’ says the Green Man,
‘I am born in the dark,’ says he.

~William Anderson~

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End of January Special

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