The Magdalene: How to shift with the energies going forward

The MagdaleneFrom the 3/19/19 Channeling of The Magdalene:

It is very important to not allow yourself to get stuck listening to the echoes of the old. What you’re hearing from the media and politicians is all echoes of the old. Echoes get distorted. It is not even old energy, it’s merely echoes. But if you let yourself get stuck in that, if you let yourself get hooked into that, things will get even more jumbled. Keep looking forward. Keep allowing for positive change. Keep holding the attention that, every time something that could be perceived as negative happens, it is a call for change. Do not dwell on the event, dwell on the call. The event is part of the old, focus on where you want to be, not where you don’t want to be.

In every event that happens, look for the highest vibration of the information associated with it. Do not get stuck in focusing on the old. Every piece of information, every event, has multiple layers of information. Look for the top layer. Look for what it offers you an opportunity for in terms of remembering who you are, in terms of transcendence, in terms of immanence, in terms of how does that bring you closer to your divinity. The tragedies have gotten closer and closer together because you are being bombarded with more and more opportunities to step more consciously into your divinity. The tragedies are not always perpetrated. There are the storms in southern Africa, there are the volcanoes, there is the super storm at the center of this country, and there are the man made tragedies. Each one of these is an opportunity to stand more firmly in your divinity. Look for the kernel of divine information. Not the way the fundamentalists do, in thinking it is some sort of judgment from a divine being, but what does this event tell you about creating? What does this event remind me of who I am? How does this event allow me to connect with the other divine seeds around me? The spiritual point of tragedies is to remind gods/goddesses becoming of their unity instead of their separation. When a tragedy occurs, people open their hearts. They reach out, they call each other brother or sister, they become a global family. And as that happens, a light turns on in each person that connects to that grid. You become the grid yourself. You become divine inspiration. And every time you have an ah-ha moment with this, share that with someone else, so that it grows outward, and the grid becomes bigger.

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Spring Energies (from the March newsletter)

The Spring Equinox (3/20 21:58GMT) is about balance. The days and nights are equal in length right now (depending on where you live), and non-Christians around the world tend to celebrate fertility at this time. Even the secular version of Easter is all about fertility. Eggs! Bunnies! Springtime! To me, Spring is the beginning of the year.

The Veil is moving from her thickest point at the beginning of February, and has started to thin again. She won’t be fully thin until May 5th at 18:58GMT, but we can feel the energy loosening up a bit.

We will be in Mercury Retrograde in Pisces for most of this month, and under the influence of it well into April. We will be processing old feelings and working to create closure on old wounds. Most people don’t generally work on processing until they get really uncomfortable, so there’s a stronger than usual chance of getting triggered unless we really listen to ourselves.

And we are firmly in the swing of this next, stronger, Shift. The old paradigm is falling away, and we are seeing distorted echoes of it everywhere. That’s what the nostalgic call for the olden days is, that’s what the rise of fascism around the globe is, and that’s what is creating all the polarization in opinion. If we can recognize it as an echo, we can focus on where we’re going, rather than responding to weird echoes of what once was. Normalize equality, respect, and compassion. Normalize awareness. Normalize a strong sense of community with all of humanity. Normalize having an obligation to our fellows, to care for those who are at a disadvantage, to share, rather than hoard, resources. Normalize empowerment.

Remember, you are the light of the world!

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Lent could be your opportunity for great growth

As a ceremonialist and a shaman, the patterns of how the various celebrations overlap around the world are also of interest to me. Most of the Christian celebrations, for example, are defined by the sun and the solar calendar, with the exception of Easter and its surrounding observations. Easter is a combination of solar and lunar, in a leap of calisthenics of which any Olympic gymnast would be proud. In 325 AD/CE, The Church decided Easter would be observed the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox. Ok, well, technically, in 325, The Church decreed that the observance of Easter should be separated from the Jewish calendar (mostly because their lunar calendar didn’t take a solar event, the Equinox, into account), and while we’re at it, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone observed it at the same time? Figuring out how to do that actually took a lot of trial and error and lasted a few centuries.

Now that we have that cleared up (ha!), what I really wanted to talk about is Lent. Lent is the 40 days (excluding Sundays) leading up to Good Friday (also formalized in 325). This year, Lent is observed 3/6-4/18. At this point, the three of you still reading are probably wondering why I’m talking about Christian holidays. It’s because Lent is actually an opportunity to get out of ourselves, to release ourselves from the bond of the negative ego. If we want to evolve as spiritual beings, the thing that gets in our way is always going to be the ego. As a ceremonialist, I believe strongly that if a bunch of people are focusing on the same thing or putting their energies into the same thing, that’s going to be a powerful effort. As of 2013 the BBC reported that were 1.2 billion Catholics in the world. I have no idea how may of them are practicing, but even if it’s only a quarter, that’s some powerful juju. Why not hop onto that energy stream to help you reach your goals?

All of the polarity in the Universe, all of the temptation and resistance and distraction that we experience, exists within us. When we get down to our core, our true self, what we struggle with most of all is ego. As we move up through the operating systems the Hindi call the chakras, the third chakra is the first we come to that contains polarity within it – there is the small still voice, which always tells you the truth, and there is the loud committee, which, in giving you nothing but fear-based information, lies. This is the negative ego, that part of you that says “You are not enough. There is not enough. There will never be enough.” The third chakra is our main operating system in the world until we learn something else, and we have to find our way past the loud shouting of the ego to get to the truth.

At your core, you are happy and perfect. Everything else that you experience is illusion, a construct of the ego, designed to keep you from the perfect realization of your Divine self. If that sounds pointless and stupid to you, think of it this way — without something to choose against, this would not be a free will universe; without an uncomfortable option, we would not be able to have an experiential understanding of the beauty and perfection of being our true selves; without resistance, without struggle, we would not grow.

In 2014, I embarked on a practice for the Lenten season, walking a Labyrinth every day, and contemplating a theme. A Labyrinth is a form of walking meditation with three phases – release, contemplation, and inspiration/receiving. Any form of meditation that uses these three phases would be appropriate, if you wanted to adapt my 40 day practice as your own. Another option, if you wish to use the shared energy for your on daily practice, is to ask yourself what your opposite of ego is. Wake up every morning and list out your attachments, on paper, consciously releasing each one. Instead of making knee-jerk or instinctual actions, think about who it is you want to be, and take thoughtful action instead, considering the ramifications of your choices. Make sure you are meditating every day, even if it’s just to spend 10 minutes letting the noise in your head be as important to you as a radio station in the next room. Journal your progress, and see what happens.

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