Regression During Retrograde

As we move into Imbolc (traditionally 2/1, astrologically 2/3), with Mercury (logic, communication) Retrograde in the visionary sign of Aquarius, and the push-pull on our emotions of having both Mars and Venus in Pisces, we have an amazing opportunity to push through old blocks and health old wounds.

If you’re feeling like perhaps your old patterns are, well, old and threadbare, and you’d like to resolve them once and for all, this is a powerful time to do the work. There is an infinite number of ways to do that work; I know, for me, the fastest way to blow through it is with client-directed regression therapy. The modern version of journey work and soul retrieval, regression works with memories, archetypes, and somatic method to unravel and respool one’s mental and emotional processes. Whether the storyline worked with is in this lifetime or another, the result is a repatterning of the psyche, re-empowering the client, so they can consciously make different choices. I’ve used the modality in my own growth process to remove blocks, shift the energy of past events so I can stop acting from those wounds, and even heal the root of several physical ailments.

As I’m always saying, Mercury retrograde is that break you’re always asking the Universe for. You are supposed to stop, get your feet under you, take stock, and tie up loose ends. That means both figuring out how you got to where you are in the moment, and then creating a sense of completion. Once a pattern is completed and it’s originating wound healed, there’s no point in revisiting it. You get to move on. Regression therapy works on exactly this. Seize the opportunity!

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Venus Exalted in Pisces

Venus moves into Pisces, where she is seen as exalted, on Tuesday, January 27th.

Exaltation, while recognized by modern-day astrologers, is poorly understood. It’s a holdover from ancient Mesopotamian astrology, and the information surrounding it has been lost. Being that it is also recognized, and somewhat better explained, in Vedic astrology generates some theories, however.

First, some background…

Let’s start with my proposal that Angels, Gods, and Aliens are all just folks we have encountered who have, at the time, had better technology than we did. The reaction of less-technologically-advanced cultures on encountering people with better tech in more recent history would tend to support that.  Those encounters became mythologized, because the actuality was more than most people could grasp. I also suspect that it wasn’t discouraged by the more advanced folks. It would definitely be to their advantage.

“Magic is science unexplained.”
-Arthur C Clarke

For the last 15 years, I have been investigating, through researching the writings of others, as well as my own channeling and Gnosis, the origins of the various pantheons/myths , angel midrash, and alien encounter stories. The crossover in diverse folklore is of special interest to me.

There are numerous stories about a group of beings assigned to watch over us, who defected and chose to stay. In doing so, they shared technology with us that affected our culture. Any time one gives tech to a group, without also giving them the wisdom that brought about its creation (a much more difficult thing to impart), bad things can happen. This was a punishable offense, and the Watchers were forcibly removed, but the cat was out of the bag on the technology.

If the idea and “technology” of planet exaltation comes to us in the same form from two different areas (with different pantheons) suggests to me that this is something that was given to us by someone more advanced. The challenge, then, is twofold: (1) What is the core information, and (2) What does it (or did it at the time) actually mean?

It becomes useful, at this juncture, to look at the idea of a planet as Higher Self. One way of looking at the levels of Soul is that a planet is the Higher Self of the people living on it, the Central Sun of that system is the Higher Self of all the planet’s in that system, the galaxy is the Higher Self of all its solar systems, a supercluster is the Higher Self of all its galaxies, and so forth. So all the planets in our Solar System are part of Terra’s Soul Grouping, or are other manifestations of her Higher Self, Sol; siblings, if you will. There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that close siblings are affected by each other’s strong emotions. So if another planet in our system is in a good or joyous place, it is likely to be felt by Terra, and therefore her Lower Selves.

I started looking at the possibility of the Exalted and Fall positions as being a result of a planet’s horoscope, but it feels much stronger to approach it as a planet literally being aligned (Exaltation and Fall are exactly degrees) with a line of communication of some sort. Which brings up the additional questions (3) to what purpose, and (4) from whom?

This is obviously part of a much longer thought process, but I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic…

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