The Effects of Solar Minimum and Cosmic Rays

Solar MinimumOver the weekend, I posted to Facebook that

SpaceWeather says “The solar cycle is plunging to its lowest level in years. As sunspots vanish and the sun’s magnetic field weakens, cosmic rays are penetrating the inner Solar System in greater numbers than usual. “

This is called Solar Minimum. Interestingly, I’ve recently been seeing (and feeling) a trend of people having lower energy and a lack of motivation. I’m also finding that people who have interesting magnetic fields, that is to say, who aren’t always to be trusted with electronics, have been having even more issues than usual with anything electrical or containing a computer chip. On the up side, people’s intuition is also increasing.

In general, everything is getting a little more polarized. People who act unconsciously are acting even more unconsciously. People who are accident prone are klutzier. People who don’t like to analyze are analyzing even less. People who do like to analyze are seeing connections previously hidden. That can be a boon or spell disaster, depending on how you set up your life. If you’re looking to change habits, this is probably a fortuitous time to do the work; all you have to do is set the intention and have a bit of focus, and the flow will carry you along. If you’re just muddling through, though, and don’t want to expand or grow, you might start running into some brick walls.

At least we won’t be feeling jangly for no apparent reason for a while… (mind you, last time we said we were approaching Solar Minimum, there were surprise solar storms)

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I made an appearance on a podcast about being psychic

Everyone is PsychicAnn O’Brien has started a new podcast series called Everyone is Psychic, and I was her first guest!

Many people think that psychic abilities are a special gift only a few of us have. The truth is, we can all learn to develop our gifts with a little training and practice. Those of you who have taken classes with me have heard me talk about this before.

In this episode, you’ll hear Ann O’Brien, Elysia Skye, and myself share:

  • An easy visualization technique to read someone’s energy or get clear on a decision instantly.
  • How to use color and other symbolism in your readings.
  • Whether it’s best for a psychic to read “cold” (with no information) or with “cues” from the client.
  • The different types of psychic abilities– seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling things.
  • How we “get in our own way” when developing our intuition.
  • Why it’s important to let go of personal ownership of information you’re reading.
  • The importance of boundaries when working with spirit.
  • Developing trust and reclaiming our child-like openness and natural insight.
  • Listen here:

    If you’re interested in honing your skills at hearing your guides, I’ll be teaching Channeling 1 and 2 this summer in Sherman Oaks (at a new to me venue). Psychic Protection is a prerequisite for the class – it begins in May if you haven’t taken it yet, or if you want a refresher…

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    Solar Storm Incoming!

    From SpaceWeather:

    A large canyon-shaped hole in the sun’s atmosphere is facing Earth and spewing a stream of solar wind toward our planet. Estimated time of arrival: 2 to 3 days from now. This has prompted NOAA forecasters to issue a geomagnetic storm watch for March 28th when storm levels could reach category G2–that is, moderately strong. Auroras could descend from the Arctic Circle to northern-tier US states from New York to Wisconsin to Washington.

    I recommend you start grounding now, if you haven’t been. Connect yourself all the way down into the center of the earth. If you’re familiar with my modified sun salutation practice, you would benefit from having that as part of your daily practice.

    Drink more water than you usually do. Eat more protein.

    Cut yourself and others some slack. It looks like this will be hitting under the influence of the New Moon, so you may already feel less like dealing with other people, especially if they’re feeling edgy and reactive, so take that into account.

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