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Goddess In the Labyrinth

Today is an unusually powerful day. The Sun moves into Scorpio. Venus is in Scorpio. The New Moon is in Scorpio. And we are having a solar eclipse, which amplifies the New Moon.

Scorpio is like a fire goddess. She will help you be authentic, in your passion, incredibly present. You have to want it, though. You have to want it enough to sacrifice your inauthentic self, to sacrifice those distractions and addictions that keep you from being present. You have to want it enough to be willing to look into the shadows and own all of your self.

My labyrinth walk today was quite different from the past few weeks. Makes sense, really – all of the energy today is about new beginnings, and the Sun and Moon have both moved into my First House, so as without, so within. I have been contemplating some grand changes, and the contemplation is rapidly shifting to action.

As I entered the Labyrinth, in the releasing phase, I felt strongly called to practice a healing chant given to me by Lana Khymsar Rinpoche. I was taught to do it with mala beads, rapidly, as a sort of litany, but I had left my beads in the car. “No matter,” I thought, ” I’ll just chant it until I get to the center.” What I found was that it wanted to slow down and have a deeper pitch, until it became an exercise in toning.

At the center, in contemplation, I spent time connection with all six kingdoms – mineral, plant, animal, mankind, angelic, and the Divine. No expectations, no dialogue, just connecting.

On the way out, the receiving phase, I started with my usual receiving affirmation, but soon felt called to move into the Goddess affirmation, which carried me through the rest of the practice easily.

May you find your own closures and new beginnings this New Moon. Namaste.

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Honoring those who have gone before

I need to put up my ancestor altar before Thursday. It’s time. I’ve got help in the office this week, doing a bunch of my back filing (and believe me, there’s a bunch). She came across the memorial card for my dear friend who passed in 2013; it’s sitting on my desk, his face staring at me.

It’s time.

It’s time because there’s an eclipse. It’s time because Mercury Retrograde is for tying up loose ends. It’s time because i want to set it during the dark moon, which is now. It’s time because the veil is thinning, with the peak being on November 7th (astrological Samhain).

It’s time because I haven’t been allowing myself enough space to grieve. Earlier in the year, I took down my ancestor’s altar, because it was too much. It felt like it was collecting cobwebs because there were so many people on it and the noise was unbearable.

Those that I honor, those that have gone before me, are not just blood relations. To be sure, there are some of my physical lineage there, most notably my father, who passed away just over a year ago. But my ancestor’s altar honors two of my best friends, several friends who have passed away from cancer, an overdose, and two suicides. It honors a friend whose legacy includes an amazing amount of love and being killed by pirates. This year, a friend who froze to death in a parking lot decades ago will go back on. A kitten I have not allowed myself to grieve properly will be added.

My ancestor’s altar honors those who have taught me something important and those I have loved; they are frequently the same thing. My lineage is not restricted to those with whom I share blood. I am not so insular, my world is not so small. It is important to me that I acknowledge everyone whose efforts have brought me to this place where I now stand – family of origin, family of marriage, family of the heart, as well as my spiritual lineage. I am blessed to have so many people I cared about that my number of those who have passed is high. I need to remember that as well.

2014 is a Universal 7, in terms of numerology; a spiritual turning point, a merging of the physical with the Divine. Even if you don’t normally put up an ancestor’s altar, this might be a good year for you to do so. Who do you honor? Who do you consider as someone who has gone before you?

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