Mercury’s Wake and Ice Giants

Mercury went direct on Thursday. While I am always urging people not to panic around his retrograde cycle, I imagine some of you are still breathing a sigh of relief. Remember, though, that we are still in the wake of that shift until October 6th, and the wake can often be the biggest shake up in Mercury’s retrograde cycle. Additionally, we have the two ice giants (Uranus and Neptune) and Pluto still retrograde.

My notes tell me that

  • Uranus retrograde is a great time to search for inner freedom – What makes you feel free? What stimulates your creativity? What have you not tried yet?
  • Neptune retrograde is that thinning of the veil I’ve been talking about all summer. The lines are blurred. Awake time and dream time can feel remarkably similar. The paradigm is most definitely shifting…
  • Pluto retrograde asks us to find out inner truth. What is your subconscious trying to tell you? What are your core values? What no longer resonates for you? What makes your heart sing?
  • But what I really want to talk about are ice giants. ICE GIANTS!!!!!

    As someone with Norse in her ancestry, and who works with some of the Pantheon, I love the fact that two of the outer planets are called Ice Giants by NASA. Yes yes, it’s about the fact that they’re more ice than gas. Whatever. Ice giants. They were already named for Titanic beings, and they’re also called Ice Giants. Titanic beings are the forces that predate the newer myths of the gods; transcending Greek mythology, they include elementals and angels. Ice Giants (or Frost Giants, as they are frequently called in English), are the ancient ones in Norse mythology, the elders of the Aesir, who were barred from Asgard. It is they who are the keepers of Wisdom. It is they who have Odin’s eye.

    So, Uranus, the father of the father of time, is a Wisdom Keeper. Neptune, before too much Greek influence came in, was the Roman’s freshwater (and possibly rain) god; in the Etruscan belief system, he was the Creator god. These two forces, or the celestial bodies that carry their names, have been pulling us inward, urging us to get to know ourselves better, all while Mercury (who can be seen as one of the guardians of the Crossroads) has been making us slow down, get conscious, and pay attention. Mercury’s getting ready to let up (perhaps not before precipitating a healing crisis), and Pluto goes direct on Monday, but the two Wisdom Keepers are going to be pulling us inward for a few more months.

    The best thing to do is go willingly. Spend a fair amount of time in meditation and contemplation. So some concerted soul searching. Figure out what makes you tick, what makes you feel trapped (get rid of those things), and what makes you feel free. Discover, enhance, or hone your superpowers. Tap in to those energies that bring out your godself.

    What else are you going to do, anyway? The Ice Giants are calling.

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    Thin Veil, Manifestation Energy, Get Past the Echoes

    Tonight, at Sound Bath, I was talking about some overarching energies that are going on, and it occurred to me that I should share them here…

    I believe I have said before that the Neptune in Retrograde energy is very much like having the veils between worlds thinned from June into November. People who are sensitive have been oh-so-much-more sensitive, and everyone’s discombobulated. The point of it all is that Neptune is heralding in a paradigm shift; specifically, one where we are changing our ideas about grand concepts like the economy, and politics, and global relationships.

    As we go through this change, the old paradigm is echoing. An echo is not just a repetition, it is a distortion. We’re seeing that in all sort of ways, whether it’s in violence in our streets, or in this election cycle, or in the rise of polarization in society.

    I often talk (and write) about Mercury Retrograde being a great time for manifestation. Why not use this energy to envision and manifest surfing the wave of the paradigm shift, moving through it with ease and grace, and finding the other side easily?

    That was our focus in meditation tonight. Perhaps it can be yours as well?

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    Hooboy! Everything’s in Virgo, Everything’s Retrograde

    Ok, well, not everything… But close…

    New Moon in Virgo
    Solar Eclipse in Virgo
    Saturn Square Neptune
    Mercury in retrograde in Virgo
    Jupiter in Virgo
    Neptune retrograde in Pisces
    Pluto retrograde
    Uranus retrograde

    plus Autumnal Equinox will be on the 22nd
    September is the crescendo of the year

    From my September newsletter:

    These astrological and numerological events actually for neatly together. Take the next few weeks to regroup, to breathe, to catch up on unfinished projects and tie up loose ends. Figure out how you got here, so you know where here is and what that means. Spend a moment seeing if you can sort out what you don’t know. Don’t rush things (you’ll be thwarted), don’t use shortcuts (they won’t work), and be as grounded and present as possible in all your communication (do it face-to-face if you can).

    As part of this exercise, look over the last 8 months and see if you can figure out what your theme for the year has been. What has been the overarching pattern? Because that will be the flavor of this month, in HD technicolor with surround sound. If you don’t figure it out on purpose, it will probably be abundantly clear by the 28th, but doing the work consciously is almost always a more comfortable prospect.

    In ceremony tonight, we
    * did a crafts project (as opposed to a Craft project) to help us turn our growth points into strengths
    * connected and aligned ourselves with Earth, Sol, the heart of the Galaxy, the heart of Laniakea, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, in order to create and hold a stronger harmonic
    * did a chant to connect more strongly to the Divine and the elementals (plus chanting enhances group/community energy)
    * and voiced our intentions for the coming cycle into the fire.

    What did you do?

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