Valentine’s Day Symbolism and Power

I am constantly amused at how much our society has invested in disempowering that which is truly powerful; not that their power can be diminished, but if people who need the assistance of the truly powerful don’t know where to look, it maintains the status quo. Examples include the number 13 (completion of the cycle of the Feminine Divine), the inherent power in language, and Kerubim or cherubs.

I bring this up, of course, because this week is Valentine’s Day, a holiday that might be about love, but has really become about consumerism and one-upmanship.

It’s a weird holiday, really.

It’s the Feast Day of St Valentine, who may have actually been as many as three saints, none of them romantic in any way, all of them beheaded. Feeling cuddly yet?

It may be a co-opting of the Roman feast of Lupercalia, which was a fertility festival somewhat akin to the Running of the Bulls.

This year (for the first time since 1945), Valentine’s Day falls on Ash Wednesday, also known as the first day of Lent. Lent is commonly thought of as a season of atonement leading up to Easter; some people think it’s about sacrifice. Back in 2011, I offered up a different viewpoint. Regardless, none of that seems compatible with the peacock’ing that our modern Valentine’s Day encourages. So much so that Catholic authorities feel obliged to offer suggestions on how to navigate it all.

A common symbol associated with Valentine’s Day is Cupid (the Roman Eros) as some sort of child-angel from Raphaelite art. There is so much disempowering in this, the mind boggles. The part that really jumps out, though, is the chimera involved in hiding Kerubim from view. They are the only order of angels in Abrahamic religions to directly interface with the Divine. They are frequently described as having four faces, and are thought of as gates and guardians in western mysticism. The two outer pillars on the Tree of Life in Kabbalah are Kerubim. Inscriptions in one of the tablets found at Nimrud describe them as storm winds.

Their association with a festival of love might help us unravel where we can access power right now. Let’s start with the ideas around love.

  • Heart center – connection to everything and everyone around us. A reminder that we are all connected, that no one succeeds alone, and that we are always stronger than I.
  • Love is the energy of the Universe.
  • Sex – root chakra – power, passion. Oomph.

It would follow that Kerubim are guarding the gates to that power and knowledge. The bigger the treasure, the better the security, right? So this much be some pretty awesome treasure.

The two outer pillars on the Tree of Life describe the physics of all energy – everything has a push and a pull, and it is that motion or force that is the basis for everything (since matter is energy).

And those two pillars are Kerubim. Guardians. Gates. This suggests to me that the key to everything is, in some way, love. The energy of the Universe. The energy that connects us all.

Chew on that for a bit. And then put your consciousness into love. Make that your operating system, to the best of your ability, and see what happens.

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Daily videos

Hi all!

I’m trying out new-to-me technologies in an effort to reach a wider audience. Marketing yourself is weird.

Anyway, I figured you awesome folks – my existing readership, clients, and students – might like to benefit from these efforts as well.

If you’re on Facebook, and I know fewer and fewer people are on there these days, between wanting to actually be social (as opposed to pretend social), or trying to unplug, or boycotting them for the Russia thing, or privacy concerns… But if you are still there, I’m trying to do a Facebook Live thing every day on the Ayamanatara page. So far, there’s me talking about the Psychic Protection class, which I may delete, and a grounding meditation, which people seemed to enjoy. There will probably be several meditations and some little educational tidbits. One of our cats keeps making an appearance. If you’re not as familiar with Facebook Live, not only can you participate live, but you can also watch the video after the fact.

ALSO! I am putting together an online class about Ritual and the Internet (not on Facebook). How you can use the internet to effect change, what sort of rituals can be used or enhanced through the Internet, magickal activism, staying energetically safe on the Internet, and so forth. It will probably have some homework, and an online discussion forum, as well as a live class (video) that you can also review after each session. If you think you might be interested, drop me a note (or comment here). Cost and number of sessions is still up in the air a bit.


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What is your health telling you right now?

There’s a flu epidemic, you might have noticed. The flu, when we are talking about the ailment that affects the respiratory system, is about life change. At least in Southern California, there seems to be a potent stomach bug going around as well; that is more about processing and releasing. As I noted in last month’s newsletter, 2018 brings the opportunity for large-scale change, so I’m not terribly surprised that people’s bodies are leading them through transformation. If you are one of those affected, I recommend focusing on the emotional/spiritual component of the disease, so you can more through it more quickly. Both seem to have an interesting rebound effect, almost as if the virus is saying “no, really, I meant it.” I suspect that if you focus on life change or releasing, you may not get the second wave of it. On the topic of viruses, by the way, elderberry lozenges are an excellent anti-viral that are recommended by doctors in a number of countries (not in the US, of course). If you’re trying to avoid the circling plagues, I suggest one lozenge in the morning and one at night. If you’ve already been visited by the lung goo, I find that one lozenge every 3 hours or so seems to encourage it to depart more quickly. As always, please talk to your doctor before embarking on any course of treatment.

(reprinted from the February newsletter)

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