Taking Our Power Back From That Which We Fear

I have said it before, and I will say it again:

Fear is the illusion of the absence of the Divine

Either the Divine is everything, or it is nothing. Sometimes both, but that’s another discussion entirely. In either of those scenarios, though, there really isn’t anything to be scared of.

Fear is generated by that leftover survival instinct that kept us from getting eaten by apex predators before we discovered technology. Now that we have technology, we have become apex predators ourselves. That part of us, though, is still an operating system (one of many), and it is invested on a survival level in maintaining control. It uses the illusions of fear and lack as the means of that control. If you think about it, all of the noise in your head boils down to “You’re not enough,” “There’s not enough,” and “There will never be enough.” 

And it’s patently false.

Let’s pause for a moment and come at this from a different angle. Shamans believe, and some theoretical physicists agree, that our experienced reality is a hologram – information filtered through screens and mirrors, and projected to appear as a 3D thing. This challenge is that it seems to real that we tend to forget that it’s just a hologram. Some of those filters are the concepts and ideas of how the world is.

Our expectations create our reality. Literally.

Another way of putting that is that the world works the way we expect to.

This seems like a really good time to take control back of our minds, our expectations, and therefore our experienced reality. Start by examining your ideas of how the world works. When you think about forces larger than yourself (government, large groups, etc), what are the absolutes that come up. Where do you use the words always and never?  Where do you give away your power with your beliefs? And where are you creating a reality in which you don’t actually want to live?

Once you have determined where you are abdicating responsibility, you can start to rewrite your beliefs and expectations, and therefore your experience. What do you want your reality to feel like? Don’t sanitize it; everyone likes a story with some conflict, where the hero overcomes obstacles and challenges. The key is to start believing that you can, in fact, win. 

What if, just maybe, I’m right? What if there’s a chance this is true? What would you do then?

Play with that idea for a while. Let’s see what changes we can make.

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Welcome to the Year of the Fire Rooster!

Just a short note about the current new moon and the Chinese New Year…

The new moon , technically yesterday, is/was in Aquarius. As Aquarius, the water-bearer, was once Ganymede, the strongest intention one could set would be one that answers the question “How can I bring myself to the favorable attention of the gods?” Interpret into your own world view as needed.

And we are moving into the year, in Chinese cosmology, of the Fire Rooster. 

The Rooster is a public-facing energy. Its action is visible and it is loud, it draws attention to itself. This is probably going to be a year where we all need to push the envelope on our comfort levels with speaking up.

Fire is the only element defined solely by its action; you cannot describe fire without talking about what it does. Fire is the energy of transmutation, it changes one thing into another thing. Whereas the other elements are influenced by offerings, Fire demands a sacrifice. A sacrifice is letting go of something you didn’t think you were done with yet. So the speaking up is probably going to be about change. 

Bear in mind, also, everything I have said about 2017 and what it sets up. 

So take some time, this weekend, to set some intentions, some goals, that speak to these issues. Do the work consciously, rather than getting dragged through the work. It’ll be more comfortable, I promise.

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Generating Larger Data on Patterns and Trends

I like numerology. It’s easy for me to drill down into the nitty gritty with is and, when I combine it with some light astrology (mostly phases of the moon and retrograde patterns), I’m able to get accurate timing on things at a level not available to me otherwise. It’s probably in my blood – my father was a mathematician. While I have never shared his high level appreciation for its mechanics, there is something about the language of numbers that does work for me.

Numerology, with the spice of some astrology, is what I use for my forecasts for the year, both on a personal and global level. I start to see patterns that provide a framework into which the channeled information fits. As an example, when I was looking at patterns around the first 100 days of the new administration, Spirit flagged 1/19, which is technically the day before the administration takes effect. When I looked at it, I saw it was a last quarter moon, which tends to be a bit wobbly, energy-wise. We’ll still be in the wake or post shadow of this very intense Mercury Retrograde until the 27th. And the numerology of the date is 21 (3×7) or 3, which suggests to me intervention, coming of age, a major shift, and amplification. Since Spirit had already flagged the date as interesting, I then looked at it on a purely energetic level and got some truly unusual feedback, both tactile, verbal, and visual. I’m not a fan of fear-based information, so I’m just going to say that it’s going to be a weird week and you couldn’t pay me enough money to be in DC, New York, or St Louis around then.

When I do the forecasts that come with my personality reports, it’s much the same. I start with numerology, weave in some basic astrology, and then see what guidance wants to bring up. It seems to be useful information – I have clients who get such a “reading” (really more of a report, in my mind) every year.

Doing things this way is much more noodley or fussy than a card reading, and can’t be done on the fly. It may not address specific questions, although it’s a great way to schedule vacations and major changes like weddings or changing careers. So it doesn’t work for everything. I do find, though, that it’s helpful for patterns and overviews.

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