1.2 Trancework

1/14 – 1/28/19
7:30 – 9:30pm
The Crystal Matrix
3215 Glendale Blvd, Atwater Village area of Los Angeles (90039)

With a strong focus on both control and getting out of your own way, we will practice inducing trance through various methods, moving between the three worlds, and standing with one foot on either side of the veil. You will learn how to meditate and journey more deeply, and how to have more control over your emotional and chemical reactions.

Prerequisite: Psychic Protection
It is suggested that you take Principles of Shamanism (1/5/9) to set a solid foundation for this class.
Please show up for class at least 6 hours free from all mind-altering substances (contact Ayamanatara if you need clarification).

If you are part of the Shamanic Practitioner Certification Course, you are automatically enrolled in this class

Investment: $198
10% discount if paid by 12/31/18

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