Basics and Tools of Shamanic Healing registration SP2.2

Shamanic Practitioner 2.2: “The Basics and Tools of Healing”
This class is part of the Shamanic Practitioner Program

A large part of the task for the Shaman is to facilitate healing. In this module, we will look at what that means with regards to working with individual clients.

Understanding the Issues:
What is healing? What is disease?
What can we heal and what can’t we heal?
What are all the issues that can feed into an ailment?

Going Deeper:
Pain as a tool of emotional release
If Shamanism is the art of seeing the patterns in between things, what does that say about how we facilitate healing?

Integrating the Tools:
What’s in your toolbox?
The Intuitive Arts and Seeing the Soul’s Journey
Cord Cutting
Plant medicine on all levels
Energy work

Mondays 4/1-5/7 7:30-9:30
The Crystal Matrix in Atwater Village
Prerequisites: Psychic Protection, SP 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.a
*or with permission of the instructor*
Investment: $350
Early registration by 3/18: $299

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