1.3 Allies

2/4 – 2/26/19 (no class 2/18)
7:30 – 9:30pm
The Crystal Matrix
3215 Glendale Blvd, Atwater Village area of Los Angeles (90039)

We all have a spiritual entourage. In it are plant and animal archetypes, ancestors, and other beings who we have agreed to learn with. We will be looking at

  • What are the three levels of Allies?
  • How do we connect with them?

  • What strength or expertise do they offer us?

  • How do we know what we are working on with an Ally

  • What are our three lineage missions and how do we untangle them?

  • You will strengthen your connection with Guidance and construct your own three-dimensional Ally Wheel, as well as learn what all of these terms mean, just in case this sounds like gobbledygook.

    Prerequisite: Psychic Protection
    It is suggested that you take Principles of Shamanism (1/5/9) to set a solid foundation for this class.

    If you are part of the Shamanic Practitioner Certification Course, you are automatically enrolled in this class

    Investment: $175
    10% discount if paid by 1/21/18

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