The Magdalene (registration)

Meditation and discussion from the Vessel of the Sangraal
Brought through by Ayamanatara

Miriam of Magdala, the Magdalene, Watchtower of the Teachings, Ethiopian Queen, she who anointed Jeshua Messiah, She who heard teachings no one else did, the Goddess of the Gospels…

Whatever you call her, her energies tie together cultures and beliefs like no other. Join us for a healing meditation and discussion at this monthly group.

Investment: $22
space is limited, please reserve your spot in advance
PLEASE NOTE: you will need to climb some stairs to attend the group in person – contact Ayamanatara directly if you would like to attend remotely

Third Tuesday of the Month
(beginning September 2018)
The Crystal Matrix Center
3215 Glendale Blvd
Atwater Village district of Los Angeles

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