Shamanic Practitioner Certification 2019 Registration

To see the program outline and list of courses, please read this blog post or you can just go straight to the Program Catalogue.

This pricing includes all classes, including electives, all 8 meditations (no meditations in April, July, November, and December), and the Psychic Protection prerequisite.
Please note that Psychic Protection is available as a 2 day intensive on December 29th and 30th, and as a self study course online (scroll down and click on the “Register” or “Would you like to sign up?” link).

You are also welcome to take a few initial courses before deciding if the entire program is for you; just sign up for those classes individually. If you think you will be joining the program, just make sure you don’t miss any prerequisites for future classes.
There is usually a 10% discount on individual classes if you pay in full at least 2 weeks in advance.
When you decide to join the program after taking a few classes, please note that I do not offer a retroactive discount on classes already purchased. I will, of course, prorate such classes from your total.

If you paid for each class individually, your investment would be $4740.
If you paid for each class individually and took advantage of all available early registration discounts, your investment would be between $4259.60 and $4307.60, depending on when you signed up for Psychic Protection.
Of course, none of the electives are required, so you could opt out of $852.50+ worth of classes. That would be all the herb classes except one, Shamanic Meditation, The Shaman’s Altar, Building Your Spiritual Practice as a Business, Animal Communication, Managing Chronic Health Concerns, and Healing the Ancestral Lineage.

Early Registration has ended, as has registration for the Psychic Protection intensive in December.
If you have already signed up for or taken Psychic Protection, want to take all the electives, and are paying for the program as a whole, your investment would be $3860.70
If you would like to opt out of the electives in your total and pay-as-you-go for those, and you have already taken Psychic Protection, your investment would be $3080

Select your pay-in-full option

If you prefer to make monthly payments as a subscription, your total investment would be $4092.
Registration for the monthly payments option ends 1/5/19.

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