Registration – Therapeutic Singing Bowls Practitioner Training

Mondays (no class 2/19 or 4/16)
1/8/18 – 4/30/18
7:30 – 9:30pm

Singing bowls have been used for a thousand years in Buddhist traditions, and are becoming a popular enhancement to meditation, yogic, and healing practices here in the West. They are also recognized as being useful in receptive music therapy in treating PTSD, addiction, and ADHD, as they can both stimulate and soothe the central nervous system.

This particular therapy, developed by Ayamanatara for use in treatment centers, combines the singing bowls, light hypnosis, somatic theory, and mindfulness meditation, passively resetting the nervous system and balancing brainwaves, while actively teaching the client/patient how to redirect and refocus their attention, thereby defusing flashbacks, racing thoughts, and unhealthy impulses.

This 15 class series will delve into theory, technique, and specifics, including everything from optimal bowl playing techniques and vocal training to assessing the room and the client to basic sound healing theory and working with clients in trauma.

If you have your own bowls (strongly recommended), either crystal or brass, it will be easier for you to practice between classes; the notes C, D, F, and A in the lower octaves are recommended.

There will be opportunity for graduates to gain supervised practicum experience.

Please bring a stopwatch, note taking method, and your bowls, if you have them. This class will require the ability to download and listen to MP3s, and the ability to access PDF documents online, and there will be a virtual classroom component.

The Crystal Matrix in Atwater Village
or pay in full by 12/23 for only $660
Other payment options:
$300 deposit by 1/1/18 and $22/week subscription
or $44/week subscription

Payment Options

Bowls can be ordered through the Crystal Matrix. Please be aware that they take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

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