Registration – Healing the Ancestral Lineage

Our bloodlines have paths and purposes as much as the individuals that make up those lines. A lineage can have its path corrupted by any individual along that line, generally through unprocessed trauma, which then compounds the farther down the line you go. Your ancestral lineage is embedded or coded into your DNA, and the imprints continue to impact in many ways on your life today. You are literally a compilation of all the beliefs and experiences of those who have gone before you, colored through the lens of your own soul and its imprints. By going back, in trance, to the original holder of their lineage’s mission, and connecting with their energy and charge, a person can start to heal their entire lineage.

In this two-hour experiential workshop, we will look at how trauma is passed down through generations, and we will connect with the archetypal energy of our bloodlines, bringing that back into the present, and shift the energy of everything in between. In doing this, we honor and heal our ancestors, and we can break through strong patterns that may have baffled us, allowing us to respond differently to the world around us.

Saturday, November 2nd, 7:00 – 9:30pm
The Crystal Matrix, 3215 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
This workshop sometimes fills up, please register in advance!
Investment: $33.00

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