Register: Therapeutic Sound Bath (group) session

Scientific studies show that sound can produce changes in the autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems. Every atom, molecule, cell, gland, and organ of the human body absorbs and emits sound. The entire body, as well as our brain waves in a relaxed state, vibrates at a fundamental frequency of about 8 cycles per second, literally entraining and attuning us to the basic electromagnetic field of the earth itself! Many cultures and religions revere sound so deeply as to believe it called the universe into being.

Sound Baths, or singing bowl meditations, are a powerful way to bring your body into a state of calm, using brass and crystal singing bowls as the conduit. The tones have been shown to balance out the brainwaves, enabling people to have a deeper, more healing, meditative experience. In addition to promoting overall relaxation, increasing resistance to stress, boosting energy levels, alleviating many forms of pain, lessening depression and improving digestion, this practice re-balances the autonomic nervous system, and brings the body, mind and spirit to a state of equilibrium.

When you add to that tools-based coaching, you get to become more conscious of your inner processes, while resetting your nervous system and balancing your brainwaves.

Benefits may include

  • Reduction of symptoms of ADD/ADHD
  • Lowering anxiety levels
  • Resetting disordered sleep patterns
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Pain reduction
  • Improved mental clarity
  • More conscious self control

This is not just a meditation assisted by sound, this is a tools-based modality that will help you learn to process your emotions with your body rather than with your mind.

Begins 3/4
Sundays | 7:45-8:45pm
***No session 7/29, 8/12, 9/2, 9/23, 11/11, 12/2, 12/9***
La Luna Healing
23236 Lyons Ave #214 Newhall 91321
$25 per session
Please bring a yoga mat
Limited to 8 people, please register in advance

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