Register: Psychic Protection

This practical, two-day intensive will teach you
how to clear yourself and your space, and how to keep it clear,
how to protect yourself from attack,
how to work in harmony with the energies around you so you don’t have to live in fear

On a more concrete level, you will learn about
personal shielding
grids, amulets, & wards
prayers & mantras
clearing techniques
how to correct stagnant feng shui

Recommended Reading:
The Witch’s Shield: Protection Magick and Psychic Self-Defense
by Christopher Penzak

Because of the nature of an intensive class, you must be present for the entire class both days. Please bring a sack lunch and snacks, as well as a drinking vessel (we have filtered, charged water on site)

This is required class for the Shamanic Practitioner Training.

Saturday, December 29 and Sunday, December 30
11:00am to 4:00pm
The Crystal Matrix Center
3215 Glendale Blvd | Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles
Please note that metered marking is limited to 2 hours on Saturday

Investment: $198 (registration closes 12/15)
Register by 11/11 for only $150!
late registration may be available for a surcharge, space allowing

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