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In the last quarter of 2018, I will be offering a handful of Kabbalah Workshops for the curious. The investment for each is $20.

“Know Thyself – Personality Aspects of the Sephirot”
October 7th 3:00 – 4:30pm
The more we understand ourselves, the more self control we are able to exert, and the more effective we become. Knowing ourselves, understanding ourselves, is the key to our own power. The Tree of Life is a blueprint for All That Is. As such, this handy diagram can be used as a tool for better understanding oneself. Join Ayamanatara for an introductory look at how you can use this simple tool to take better charge of your life.

“Give and Take – The Energy Flow in the Tree of Life”
November 4th 3:00 – 4:30pm
Matter is made of energy. Energy is defined by its motion, its polarities, the push and the pull. If everything is made of energy, its motion is at the root of all things. The diagram of the Tree of Life contains an inherent understanding of that pulse of the Universe. Since it is a blueprint for All That Is, the motion at the root of matter can also be used to describe relationships, nature, politics, and science. Join Ayamanatara for an introductory look at using the Tree of Life as a way to better understand the world in which we live.

“Reaching Your Goals – Ritual & Meditation in Kabbalah”
December 16th 3:00 – 4:30pm
We all have something of a vision for the future. We’re just not always sure of how to get there. The meditations, exercises, and rituals (or daily practices) in Experiential Kabbalah help stimulate the imagination, increase our connection to the Higher Mind, and create stronger personal discipline, which gives us better access to solutions, so we can plan better, and helps us follow through on our plans. Join Ayamanatara for an introductory look at those practices. We will be using a meditative exercise to create a solid game plan for achieving a specific goal. Bring a notebook, your day planner, and a goal you want to work on.

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