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This seven week course will introduce the student to basic trance mediumship and working with Guidance, as well as protecting themselves from unwanted influence. It combines techniques from Shamanism, Gnosticism, and the Delphic Tradition, and is open to students of all levels. Class topics and exercises include: Grounding; meet your Gatekeeper; taking responsibility for your own protection; moving your energy around with purpose; focused astral travel; meet your spiritual entourage; ascertain which teacher or guide will be working with you for this class; getting comfortable with your spirit teacher’s energy; protections; introduction to co-residency, automatic writing, and trance channeling.

It is recommended that you have taken Psychic Protection before this class. If you have not, and you would like to take the class, please drop me a note.

Thursdays 6/8-7/20/17
Two Hearts Yoga
4454 Van Nuys Blvd Ste 216, Sherman Oaks, California 91403
(above the Discovery Store)

$250 if paid in full by the first class
$225 early registration by 5/18/17
$36/class if paid weekly

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