Black Arts Ice Cream Social - more bunny slippers than velvet cloak!

Some friends and I got together and decided to create an event that creates a sense of community for people whose beliefs don’t give them as strong of a community as it might, an event that stimulates the intellect and the curiosity as much as it feeds the spirit.

And then we added ice cream. Because ice cream.

Starting in September 2017, every third Sunday of the month, from 3-5pm, we’ll be gathering again in various locations. There will be a short speaker, under the general heading of Woo or spirituality, following the guidelines of (1) is it interesting, (2) is it accessible, and (3) is it useful. People are encouraged, but not required, to discuss the presentation afterwards. Maybe while eating ice cream.

Our presentation for March will be by Jeffrey Albaugh on The Enchiridion Magistellus: A Visual Handbook of the Witches’ Art

And we added a raffle, because winning, and presents.

Attire is more bunny slippers than velvet cloak.

We have had to pull out of Pantheacon, sadly. We hope everyone has a wonderful time and we will be back next year!

We want to include people who define themselves as: Pagan, Gnostic, OTO, Hermetic, Non-denominational Spiritual, Shaman, Ceremonialist, Metaphysical, Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (aka Pastafarians), Church of Starry Wisdom, Chaos Magician, Witches, Wizard, Hoodoo, Sorcerer, Earth Magic, Reiki Practitioner, Wicca, Strega, Feri, Gardnerian, Alchemist, Spiritualists, Toltec, Bon Po, Rosecrucian, Solitary Practitioner, Caanonite, Voudon, Santeria, Magi, Kitchen Witch, Hedge Witch, Kabbalist, Anthrosophist, Reclaiming, Indigo, Discordian, Niburian, and people who identify with the principles of their religion of choice without feeling like they fit into whatever mold that religion has given them.

And yes, the name is supposed to be humorous.

The Black Arts Ice Cream Social meets on the third Sunday of the month from 3-5pm. We ask for a $5 donation to help cover costs, and that gets you your first raffle ticket.

We’re always looking for donations of raffle prizes and ice cream, as well as volunteers to help out. Drop us a note!

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