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It’s harvest season!

I’ve been putting together a new line of wildcraft products, made of items mostly harvested from my own garden. If you’re looking for sage of which you know the provenance, natural alternatives to mosquito repellent and salves and cooling sprays, or a tea to help you through the worst of peri/menopausal symptoms, please let me know.

Women’s Vitali-tea $15/oz
for peri/menopausal symptoms

Non-toxic Mosquito Repellent $10/3.4fl oz

Muscle & Joint Salve $5 sample | $30/25g
(contraindicated for cancer patients)

Topical Healing Salve $5 sample | $30/25g (sample size of the healing salve should last you a while)
for bug bites, scrapes, etc

Cooling Spray $10/3.4fl oz
Great for itchy scalp, heat rash, and just to cool off

Dried Sage Blossoms $7/4×6 bag (approx .5oz)
organically grown & ethically harvested

Clearing Smoke $10/3×3 bag
a blend of ethically harvested organic sage, cedar, and frankincense; for external use only; no charcoal required


All orders will have $8.00 shipping added
please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

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