Moon Waters
Moon Waters: waters charged under specific auspices for targeted purpose
These waters have been charged under specific auspices and can assist you in your endeavors

As water is an excellent transmitter, one drop will charge an entire gallon of water

Suggested uses:
Add a drop to your bathwater or anointing oil
Put a drop in a bowl of water for ritual hand washing
Add a drop to the water for your altar
Add a drop to your drinking water
Add a drop to your wishing well/candle magic spells

Available as of 12/4
New waters will be added as they are bottled
(in person delivery only)

Fresh Start
New Moon in Aquarius, Chinese New Year, Imbolc

Full Moon in Sagittarius
Recommend reading Strawberry Moon by Jessica Shepherd

Full Moon in Aquarius, Lunar Eclipse, Lunasadh

New Moon in Sagittarius; Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Juno in Sagittarius; Uranus, Ceres, Eris in Aries

Solid Goals
New Moon in Taurus; Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto in retrograde

Complete waxing moon cycle
Cancer – Capricorn

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