These crystal clearing bowls are each one-of-a-kind, whether they are custom made for you or something I already have in stock. Himalayan crystal salt combines with semi-precious healing gems and fragrant herbs to create a tool that is lovely to display as well as to use. All of the crystal clearing bowls will help you ground and clear your energy.

The bowl I have has been a great boon to me. As a massage therapist, I use it to keep any client energy that I didn’t ground out from clinging to me. I also used it to help my mother start meditating for the first time in her life.
Zach Fromson, CMT

Previous Custom Crystal Clearing Bowls
$65 and up

meditation & soothing: hematite, amethyst, clear quartz, lavender feminine receptivity: rose quartz, hematite, lava rock, ruby, moonstone, lavender calming & soothing: hematite, rose quartz, blue apatite, moonstone, red jasper, lavender Archetypal Mother: blue apatite, moonstone, hematite, labradorite, aventurine, blue lace agate, shells, lavender Small Crystal Clearing Bowl
Small wooden Crystal Clearing Bowl Large Creystal Clearing Bowl Special Crystal Clearing Bowl in fake book

I love it and keep it out in the open for quick access. So beautiful as well!
-Simon Kangiser

I do not have any pre-made bowls in stock right now, but you can check with Kenneally Acupuncture & Healing Light Resource Center in Canyon Country or The Ruby Dragon in Morro Bay, who both carry a selection of my bowls

I love my bowl! It’s beautiful, elegant and calming. I love how Ayamanatara custom picked the bowls to fit each client. I find running my hands through the salt mixture to be centering and soothing.
Erin Berman, Fyrebringer Studios

Portable Goddess Crystal Clearing Bowls
These are small, lidded bowls containing salt, lavender, hematite, rose quartz and other healing crystals, perfect for outcall practitioners, taking to ritual or festivals, or even the office! Each bowl is hand-decorated. Only $60.00

“The crystal clearing bowl is a permanent fixture in my son’s nursery. It sustains a gentle, loving vibration throughout the room and filters out any discordant vibrations. It’s such a source of support for him and for his parents.”
Forest Toering, Nui Cobalt Designs

To order, contact Ayamanatara with some details about what you are looking for in a bowl.

I dropped an item of jewelry with some serious emotional baggage attached to it into one of these cleansing bowls. A couple months later, I dug it up and found all my negative and complicated feelings about the item had melted away.

I’ve been wearing it every day since then, and every time I see it it reminds me of empowerment, independence, capability, beauty, and joy.

(Also, these cleansing bowls feel like MAGIC when you just roll the contents through your hands after a hard, stressful day. They’re like tiny spas and therapy sessions all in one… and they’re pretty, too!)
-Sarah Day

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