Shamanic Healing

Ayamanatara is trained in Reiki, regression therapy, EFT, Chromalight(tm) therapy, journeywork, and tonal healing. She is a medical intuitive, a trance channel, clairvoyant, and a Life Coach.
In shamanic healing is a combination of techniques are brought to bear in helping you move through personal difficulties and growth. Initial intake and subsequent treatments last 90 to 120 minutes. Techniques and modalities include:

  • Regression Therapy & Journeywork: Regression therapy uses clinical hypnotherapy to discover and resolve pre-existing, unresolved trauma and integrate that within the beliefs and behaviors in the client’s life experience. Additionally, it can be used to explore past lives to enhance personal identity and enrich spiritual growth, and to accelerate discovery and integration of various life aspects. Journeywork is a form of Shamanic, client-directed hypnosis or guided meditation in which the client is actively involved in their own healing process. The two therapies are used in combination for measurable results.
  • Cord Cutting: As we go through life, we accumulate attachments and cords to others, usually on an unconscious level, but these cords can hold us back, distract us, or even drain our energy. Cutting these away in a compassionate manner is to everyone’s best interest, as we are once again able to live our lives as our Higher Selves intended, free of outside influence.
  • Block Clearing: Past trauma and negative thinking can block us from achieving our full potential, creatively, financially, and emotionally. Using a combination of talk therapy, meditation, and energetic healing, I work with you to reconnect your conscious mind with your soul’s purpose. An excellent way to find your true calling.
  • Chakra Balancing: A combination of energy work and directed visualization that balances out each of your chakras to enhance your effectiveness mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  • Reiki: A Reiki healing eases soreness, aches and pains. It may also boost the immune system and repair old patterns. Reiki, meaning Universal Life Force, is an ancient Tibetan healing energy rediscovered in 20th century Japan. It is drawn from the Reiki Masters in Spirit, into the healer, to the client. Reiki works to bring healing to the whole being – body, mind, emotions, spirit.
  • Colored Light Therapy: Light Therapy is a restful and integrating experience that brings the meridians and organs into balance and peak performance, easing pain and emotional balance. Sometimes used in conjunction with Reiki.
  • Channeled Vocal Toning: Channeled vocal sounds realign the matrix of the body, creating shifts in the emotional and physical fields. Sometimes used in conjunction with Reiki and/or colored light therapy.

Healing sessions are available as part of a package, or a la carte at the price of $125 per session, plus mileage if applicable. Phone sessions are sometimes applicable.

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