Custom Ceremonial Design

We use ceremony to celebrate milestones in our lives. Marriage, Conception, Birth, Naming, Coming of Age, New Careers, Love, Letting Go, Holidays, Divorce, and Death are but a few examples. We frequently create informal ceremony in our lives on a regular basis; but sometimes we want to mark a particular transition or event with something truly memorable. Ayamanatara can work with you to create a unique ceremony that is geared specifically toward the celebrants.

Prices are based on type of ceremony and amount of time involved in the creation of your ceremony.

Jorge & Viviana BlessingFor weddings, I currently charge $250 plus mileage/travel expenses. This is what that includes:

* Initial consultation (in person, usually 30-60 minutes), which includes going over a questionnaire that the couple then completes at home
* Questionnaire evaluation
* Writing the ceremony, which usually involves about 4-5 drafts back and forth via email, and help with the vows if you need it
* Costuming (I do my best to coordinate with the look and feel of the wedding)
* Choreography & stage management, and, a lot of the time, set dressing
* Rehearsal with wedding party
* Setting/creating sacred space before the ceremony
* Officiating the ceremony & handling necessary paperwork

Please note: I have had to raise my prices recently because i looked at the last few weddings I performed and realized I had actually lost a significant amount of money doing them.

I ask for a $100 deposit at the initial consultation to reserve the date and start the process.

Please email me at for more information on weddings or any other type of ceremony.


Holton Wedding, copyright Eye de Clare

Custom Prayer Flag from a Croning Ceremony

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