Just because you’re a business, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t operate along spiritual principles, or use all of the tools at your disposal to further your success. In addition to the services below, we can also create a custom program, geared toward your company, to create an atmosphere that enhances everyone’s ability to succeed.

Labyrinth Workshops for Team Building

The labyrinth is a walking meditation whose roots extend deep into prehistory and transcend geographic and cultural boundaries as well as belief systems. It has been said to be the manifestation of the collective unconsciousness. The labyrinth can be used for team building in a non-competitive format and exploring the purpose and cohesion of a working group.

$33/head (20% NFP discount), plus $20/head materials fee

Corporate Feng Shui

Enhance your space to generate more creativity, teamwork, and productivity! Email Ayamanatara for more details, pricing based on your specific location.

Stress Reduction

Up against deadlines? Team infighting? Layoffs or other stress adversely affecting your team? Ayamanatara can come to your location and lead a non-denominational stress reduction meditation and discussion that will give your team better coping mechanisms, as well as generate harmony and productivity. Email Ayamanatara to set up a consultation.

Ayamanatara’s Latest Book

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Faery Spiral:
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Other Downloads Include

The digital edition of The Shift
The Pain meditation series: Blessing the Pain, Breathing into the Pain, Controlling Pain, Reducing Pain, and General Well Being
...and more!