Have you ever been somewhere that touched you so deeply, you became aware on a cellular level of the connectedness of it all, or that made you cry just because it existed, or that simply filled that empty space in your heart?

Can you imagine that every church, every temple, every meditation center has, at its core, sought to imbue that feeling in those who flock to it?

Sacred Space is, quite simply, a place that brings us closer to God, whatever our understanding of God may be. A sacred place can be an ancient stone circle, a cathedral, and a room in our own home. It can be fixed or transient, appearing whenever and wherever we place our symbols of worship in their prescribed order.

Your home or office should be a place of calm and serenity, where you can center yourself. From that centering can come relaxation and serenity, productivity, or whatever you intend for the space. Sometimes, however, the energy is not supportive of your goals for the space. It could be a new space that was previously held by someone else, with different goals or different energy. It could be a brand new space with no energy at all. It could simply be that the space has previously held some negative energy that makes it difficult for you to relax and let down your guard.

Whatever the reason, Ayamanatara can help you clear, bless, and reset the energy, so that your goals for the space are easily within reach. Assisting the energy flow, based on Feng Shui principles, can also be brought to bear. Costs vary based on size of space, energy, and location. Please email Ayamanatara to discuss your needs.

As part of a Shamanic Healing, Ayamanatara can also clear your energy field and cut away cords and attachments that you may have accumulated.

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