Some unsettling energy going on – What to do with it?

  • Saturn is in Capricorn, which has the effect of forcing us to be present and in the moment.
  • On March 8th, Jupiter went retrograde in Scorpio. Jupiter is generally expansive and is very tied to our beliefs. Scorpio is all about transformation.
  • Also on March 8, the shadow of Mercury Retrograde in Aries began (actual retrograde begins 3/23).
  • We are approaching the Vernal Equinox. Equinox is a time of stasis and balance, which technically should not exist, so it becomes a moment outside of time.
  • Additionally, it means that there are cracks widening in the Earth’s magnetic field.
  • There is a stream of solar wind from a gash in the Sun’s atmosphere, aimed at Earth, anticipated to arrive on Wednesday.
  • And the day after the Vernal Equinox marks a 9 day period when the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Uranus are all together in Aries.
  • Aries, being the first sign in the Zodiac cycle, is all about new beginnings, new toys, new experiences. People with a lot of Aries in their chart always have to have the newest gadget or piece of technology. Aries likes to go! go! go! and is very forward looking. This is all against the grain of some of the longer-lasting energetic currents.

    Saturn in Capricorn has slowed everything down. Rushing is simply not a possibility and will feel dissonant.

    Mercury retrograde is that break you’re always asking the Universe for – 3 or 4 times a year, you get it. It just doesn’t happen on your schedule, so you fight it and get cranky. MRx asks us to Stop. Breathe. Ground. Where are your feet? How did you get to this point? Are there any loose ends that need to be tied up? And then, once that is all taken care of, can you start to think about moving forward. Just think about it! Do not do. There are no shortcuts available to you in MRx. You must do everything slowly and with conscious purpose, or you’ll get tangled up in your own feet.

    You can see how Mercury (mind, thoughts, communication, travel) and Saturn (structure, foundation, how things work) are working together. The good news is that, between the two of them, there is some amazing energy for manifestation! When it all slows down this much, the energy gets very thick, and it’s a marvelous time to bring things through. The caution here is that you must pay close attention to where you are putting your focus, and therefore your energy. Don’t focus on what you don’t want, focus on what you do want. It sounds easy, but it takes a certain amount of discipline.

    Into this mix, we bring Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio. A time of contemplation, evaluation, analysis. A time to do some serious shadow work. A time to adjust our perspective, to change how we see the world and ourselves, so that we can actually change the world and ourselves. Perspective dictates experience.

    Equinox, as I said, is a magical, momentary pause, where everything is in perfect balance, and therefore outside of time. What could be slower than stasis? This stillness, by the way, is why the Earth’s magnetic field develops cracks – nothing should ever be in stasis, or it will begin to cease to exist. These cracks create similar cracks in our own magnetic fields (we belong to the Earth), and we become more raw, irritable, sensitive, vulnerable…

    …and because of the Jupiter-Saturn-Mercury slowdown, we have no way to effectively escape the feelings. Instead, we need to consciously process them. Is it any wonder there are two drinking holidays around this time of year? Most people would generally prefer to escape than to process.

    Here’s a thought – Since we’re moving so slowly anyway, why not use all of this to manifest the world in which we want to live, by feeling the way we want to feel in our lives? It’s all simply a matter of finding the right chemical reaction in your body to foster. Remember a time when you felt, even for a moment, the way you want your life to feel. If you haven’t had it, you don’t actually want your lie to feel like that because you don’t know what that feels like. As you recall feeling that way, you are generating the same chemical reaction in your body, only 10 times stronger. Focus into it, feed it, allow it to grow bigger, stronger, more real. Spend at least 15 minutes generating that body chemistry. Do it a little bit every day through mid-April. See what you can create!

    Now what about the hefty influence of Aries? If you can bring the feeling of anticipation, of newness, the appreciation of the shiny into all of this contemplation and conscious manifestation, you might actually enjoy the ride. I mean, yes, it’s got a bit of speedball energy to it, but if you can harness it, surf it! Noting is going to feel particularly real right now anyway. Just go with it!

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    Make your own Altar Broom

    For the Full Moon Women’s Circle at the beginning of March, we made magickal altar brooms to help clear away those things that no longer serve us, sort of an energetic spring cleaning. ThisAltar Broom altar broom is mine – it has

  • wheat for abundance
  • rose petals for love
  • sage for clearing
  • fennel to connect with fiery passion
  • lavender for gentle cleansing
  • rosemary for energizing and banishing negativity
  • and helichrysum for clearing, healing, and calming
  • Everything except the ribbons, raffia, and wheat were from my garden.

    You can make your own altar broom. You will need

  • a stick about a foot long
  • herbs (you can find a decent quick and dirty hermal grimoire here, or, if you want a book, I highly recommend Catherine Yromwode’s Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic)
  • something to fill out the broom like wheat, corn silk, straw, or twigs
  • one of more things with which to attach it all to the stick, like ribbon, raffia, thread, hemp rope
  • and anything you want to bind in to the handle; this could be flower petals, a rune, something associated with a deity, or ancestor… Anything, really
  • The more of these you grew or at least harvested yourself, the better.

    Timing counts. I like to make things for releasing at the Full Moon, things for learning or wisdom on the quarter moons, anything for shadow work or heavy duty banishing at the dark moon, and things for new beginnings and growth at the New Moon. If you have a particular deity with which you work, figuring out what day of the week is theirs can also be helpful (Hindu, European) .

    Altar brooms from everyone at circleHold the herbs and broom materials you want to attach against the stick, a few inches up, in the manner you want them arranged. You can have everything the same length, or you can have the herbs shorter and the actual sweepy bits (totally a technical term) longer. You may need to trim the back ends of the sweepy bits so they don’t extend past the holding end of the stick. I generally tie all of this down with raffia or something before I start wrapping with ribbon, so my hands don’t cramp up holding everything in place. If your hands do cramp though, there are some traditions, especially Native American, that hold that helper spirits feed off of physical pain (part of Sundance Ceremony is actually feeding the spirits), so you can allow the discomfort to feed and charge your altar broom.

    I start wrapping from the holding end of the stick, much as I would with a wand, to focus the energy towards the working end. Others might start at the working end, because the tool is for releasing. I address that at the end of the process, though. What I’m saying is that, there is more than one way to do this, listen to your intuition and guidance. It’s your tool. As I am wrapping, if there are things you intend to bind into the handle, add them as you wrap. I find, when I get to the working end, there are frequently a few last things I wanted to add that I forgot or that fell out. So I add those in, and wrap back down towards the holding end. Affixing the ribbon or other wrapping material when I’m done can be a bit of a challenge. I tend to just wrap the end in raffia or something easy to tie, and get it to stay that way.

    You can feed/charge your altar broom by putting it on your altar, putting it in the moonlight, spraying it with rum or mint water you’ve put in your mouth (I don’t do booze, so I’m always looking for alternatives for feeding magickal items), or any other method your tradition might suggest.

    Your altar broom can be used in spells, to clean off your altar, clear energy in your home or office (or even a hotel room!) instead of burning things, sweep the edges of your property, clear space for a sacred circle, or even create a sacred circle. I burn a lot of things on my altar, so there’s always bits of soot and ash, and I actively use my main altar every morning, so there are always a lot of things to clear or even just whisk off.

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    Rainy Full Moon

    I am inordinately excited about the timing of weather in Southern California this week. Thursday will be both a Full Moon and raining, which affords me a rare opportunity.

    I have talked before in this blog about the moon (and occasional solar) waters I make, but there hasn’t been much opportunity to do it with hand-collected rainwater. This week I not only get to collect rainwater, but I get to do it under the influence of a Full Moon.

    I started by putting a bowl on my outdoor altar tonight after I got home from my Full Moon Women’s Circle. I put some water in it first, so I could see the moon’s reflection in it, and sang to the moon a bit. It will sit out there through the apex of the Full Moon, and I’ll bring it in some time on Friday, after it has rained enough to replace the water I initially put in. I will filter it a couple of times and bottle it, and let it sit on my altar for a bit, to get some extra charge from the energies invoked there.

    Charged waters are good for all sorts of things, from healing, to household magic, to creating talismans and adding oomph to candle magic. You can certainly make them yourself. It helps to understand all of the astrological influences going on, and if there’s any solar activity at play, so you can know what each water is good for.

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