Use the incoming solar wind for course correction

SpaceWeather says

A large hourglass-shaped hole in the sun’s atmosphere is facing Earth and spewing solar wind in our direction. Estimated time of arrival: August 5th-6th. Minor G1-class geomagnetic storms and high-latitude auroras are possible when the gaseous material arrives.

This solar wind will be hitting as we are moving into the energy of Lughnasadh, the August Crossquarter (first harvest, demonstrations of skill and bounty, gratitude). We will, essentially, be showered with the energy of Sol. Solar activity like this tends to make people feel a little “jangly,” like everything is a little raw; it throws your electromagnetic field off. You might feel more easily overwhelmed. Some people get amped up, others need more rest. If you, like me, have issues with electronics, those issues might be heightened. The link at the beginning of this paragraph will take you to some excellent suggestions for how to handle being in this energy.

This extreme ultraviolet image from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory shows a hole in the sun's atmosphere directly facing Earth. The chasm stretches more than 400,000 km from top to bottom.The shape of the hole in Sol’s atmosphere catches my attention. It is more like 2 holes trying to merge into a larger hole; there are definitely to points of egress. This to be suggests some sort of either/or choice. As I touch on in the above post, there is a strong connection between Sol and our own hearts, and when Sol aims her energy at our planet, she can be seen as trying to jolt or shock us into a course correction. I posit this particular course correction offers us the opportunity to step into a consciousness of abundance and empowerment, rather than the lack and powerlessness that the dying throes of the old paradigm are trying to force us into.

The question then becomes – how do we take up this opportunity to correct our course? Start by grounding and starting to connect once more with your own power and the power available to you via the heart of our planet. Do this as often as you possibly ca, definitely more than once a day. Focus your attention on the positive possibilities of what our society can become. I’m not saying saying you should ignore the current events; merely that you should not allow them to disempower you. Some people, obviously, have more luxury to avoid disempowerment, and it up to those people to work to move society into a better future. So the less threatened you are on a person level by world events, the more obligation you have to your fellow beings to stand up and say, “not in my name” and offer positive alternatives and solutions instead. If you don’t know what those alternatives and solutions look like, ask the people who are being more impacted by the problems in our society; hey very likely have a lot of information that can share with you. You might even start by doing some Google searches for the information, so as to not add to the burden of the people who are already under so much stress.

Remember, you are the light of the world!

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Grief and Personal Growth: A reading for 8/2019

Five of Cups from The Starman Tarot by Davide De AngelisThe Five of Cups
“I am inconsolable”

From Davide De Angelis: “For this card to have impact, one does not have to be dealing with something catastrophic. It points to the fact that we all carry tremendous grief: ancestral grief, family grief, cultural grief, grief for our loss of innocence.

Grief is part of the natural cycle of life, we can stop fighting against it and allow ourselves to feel what needs to be felt.

The fast flowing river in the card has more than one meaning or possibility. Of course we can be swept away by the river of tears, but we can also be cleansed by it. We can put right what we can, and let go of grief, let it be taken back into the great ocean of life. This card does not point to the arrival of some grief, for it has already arrived and we carry it in our cells. Instead it presents a question and a powerful possibility. It asks you to look at the grief you hold on to. It invites you to complete with it and let it go, letting life – Nature – take care of transmuting it back into vitas or energy.”

August is the month leading up to the crescendo of the year, and it has infinite possibilities. How have you been working with the themes of the year? What do you want to resolve before it gets louder? Take this month to really examine what you have been processing. As we are just coming out of Mercury Retrograde, you have most certainly been reminded of it recently. What else do you need to do to create a sense of closure for yourself? Make plans, take steps, do the thing. If you need help, ask for help! Coaching, counseling, healing, education… Get it! There is no time like now.

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Pagan Astrological Celebrations and Observances

sunEvery tradition that I know of has sacred days they observe and honor. There are many variations in observances under the large umbrella of Paganism; a good rule of thumb, though, is to look at the Solar and Lunar cycles as guides. The Lunar Cycle is 28.25(ish) days long and run from New Moon to Full Moon and back. The Solar Cycle is 365.25(ish) days, and has the Solstices at the extremes and the Equinoxes in the middle. Many currently practicing Pagan groups will also observe the cross-quarters (those dates that fall in between and Equinox and a Solstice). It gets a little weird when they then try to shoehorn those into the Gregorian Calendar. As an aside, there is a theory that a similar disconnect occurred with Judaism in early Rome, when the lunar months were shoehorned into the Republican calendar. Cross quarters are most often observed on 5/1, 8/1, 10/31, and 2/2. If you actually look at the astronomy, though, they should be observed around 5/5, 8/7, 11/7, and 2/4 (depending on the year).

Here is a brief primer on the 2 astronomical cycles:

Full MoonWithin the Lunar cycle, the waxing moon (the period between New and Full moon) is for growth and the waning moon (the period between Full Moon and Dark Moon) is for releasing

  • New Moon is good for intention setting and starting the planning of new projects, planting, and trimming your hair if you want it to grow – any growth process. Energetically, it tends to be a little quiet and introverted.
  • First Quarter Moon (which looks like a half moon) is good for learning, absorbing, and gathering energy.
  • Full Moon is for bursting into action, celebration, and boosting pre-existing projects. Energetically, it is extroverted.
  • Last Quarter Moon is for analysis and course correction.
  • Within the Solar cycle, the time from Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice is expansive and from Summer Solstice back to Winter Solstice is contractive

  • Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year; dark and contemplative, it has the energy of a vigil.
  • The February Cross Quarter is associated with first growth – early spring flowers, baby critters, and the like. It tends to carry a lot of energy of hope.
  • Spring or Vernal Equinox is a time of balance, and is often associated with the first Spring planting, as well as fertility.
  • The May Cross Quarter is more frisky; things are blooming, the crops don’t need as much tending, and there’s a lot of sexual energy around. The veil is thin, and it is easy to interact with the Fae and elementals.
  • Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year; it is a time of celebration, of getting out to see the neighbors, and for staying up late. If you have a Full Moon on Summer Solstice, it becomes even more extra.
  • The August Cross Quarter is associated with the first harvest, and also has a lot of the energy we see at County Fairs – demonstrations of skill and bounty. There is a strong sense of gratitude in this observance.
  • Fall or Autumnal Equinox, like it’s sister in the Spring, is a time of balance, and is associated with the second harvest. Energy is winding down, but there might also be a second wind.
  • The November Cross Quarter has a sense to it that everything has gone fallow. There is no more harvest, really, and we are starting to draw inward. he veil is thin, and we connect easily with our ancestors and the past.
  • When we pay attention to the astronomical cycles, as well as our local seasonal cycles, and we sync our energies with nature, our lives flow much more smoothly. It does require paying attention, especially if you live in a city and don’t have as much immediate connection with nature. As we move through the pattern shifts that are occurring on the planet, we will weather the changes much more gracefully if we are already in sync with Mother Nature’s energies. If you aren’t used to paying attention to the world around you in this way, start a daily journal where you look at where the the Sun and the Moon are in their cycles, what season it appears to be (observation, not calendrical), and what the energy of the day seems to be, as well as where you are in your own energy cycle. The simple act of paying attention enough to document it will help you sync your energy to that of Nature, and you have the added bonus of being able to see trends over time.


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