Working with your shadow self

As we ease into the darkening of the year, my Full Moon Women’s Circle will be focusing on the shadow or occult face of the Goddess. Of you can’t join us and would still like to explore making friends with those parts of yourself you would rather ignore, thereby becoming stronger and more integrated, this is an excellent time to start that process. Start by acknowledging those parts of yourself that you don’t like – personality traits, behaviors, tapes that run in your head, patterns, and the like. Look at them in the light. Where do they come from? What is their function? What do they mask? What strengths might they have, if you allowed yourself to look at them differently? You’re not going to be able to do this all in one sitting, but consider it a project over the next few months and keep moving forward. Make it part of your weekly routine if you can, so you can’t chicken out. The payoff will be immense, I promise.

This snippet originally appeared in the August Newsletter.

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