Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: Your Mindset Affects Your Reality

This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is an excellent time to examine all of your ideas about How Things Are. I say this for two reasons:
(1) They’re going to get louder, because they want to be released; and
(2) The energy for releasing old, stuck ideas is optimal right now.
Are all men forgetful? Are all women irrational? Are all children annoying? Are all Muslims terrorists? Are all politicians corrupt? Are all cats aloof? Is money the root of all evil? Are all Christians judgmental? Is it impossible to find a partner who shares your values? Is there always going to be inequality in the world? Does the DMV take forever? Does it always go poorly when you delegate? Do you have to work hard for every dollar you earn?
These ideas are keeping you stuck. These ideas are, themselves, stuck. If you have decided that This Is How Things Are, you will continue to see things that way, and you will attract things that have that energy. The Universe has no interest in proving you wrong until you allow for the possibility that your world view might benefit from expansion.
Write down all of your stuck, binary ideas; ideas that use Always, Never, All, None, Impossible; ideas about That’s Just How Things Are.
Now, what would it look like, if each of those ideas were wrong? What if you allowed for the miracle? What if  you allowed the Universe to be larger, more expansive than that? Not just once, but every time it came up?
Your negative ego is going to yell and scream and kick its feet. It’s going to tell you this is all bullshit. That’s its job. Back when we weren’t the apex predators, that part of our operating system told us not to leave the cave so we wouldn’t get eaten. And it worked. So your negative ego has verifiable proof that, if it’s not in charge, you’re going to die. But your negative ego is the place of fear and lack, the place of staying small, and there are no more saber toothed cats. Growth is good. Becoming powerful and visible is good. But it wrests some of the control from your negative ego, which can generate a survival level fear, and you have to be more interested in positive change than you are in staying safe.
Are you ready? Are you motivated? Are you willing?
Let’s go!
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