Samhain Moon Meditation

There’s a lot of water energy going on, astrologically, which coincides with some heavy activity with the Water Protectors up in North Dakota. We’re at the cross quarter (or will be on the 6th) between autumnal equinox and the winter solstice, in the dark half of the year. Come the 6th, we’ll be even darker, because of the time change. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, and Lillith are all drawing us into deep water.

Let’s go with it.

Get comfy. Breathe, slowly, deeply. Force your chest to expand, and breathe all the way in, no matter how hard it is right now. Feel the air filling your lungs. Exhale fully. Revel in the sensation of it. Continue to breathe deeply, pulling the energy of the breath deeper and deeper into your body.

You are on a cliff, the sea far below, the faint sound of waves crashing. Feel the wind blowing through your hair. Feel the dampness of the air. The Sun is setting in the distance. As you turn away from the cliff’s edge, you see a large tree behind you. Approaching it, you see an opening in the trunk, just big enough for you to squeeze through. Rough-hewn steps lead downward into a dimly lit passage; you can’t see how far they go.

You descend, vaguely spiraling down. Down… down… down…

Eventually, you arrive in a large cavern. There is a firepit, with a low fire burning in it. At the far end is a body of water. Look around the cave, see what you can see. Or sit by the fire, staring into the flames.

When you are ready, approach the water. Peer into its depths.

Dive in. See how far down it goes. Allow the depths to show you what it is you need to see. You’ll find that breathing is not an issue. Stay down as long as you need to.

When you are ready, swim towards the surface. You emerge in the ocean, moonless night sky above you. The shore is in the distance if you want to swim in, or you can float for a bit, staring at the stars.

When you are ready, allow the scene to dissolve away, coming back into the here and now, into this time and this space, into the shared reality. Journal your experience so you can mull it over between now and the 6th.

Blessings to you. Know that you are the Light of the World!

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