Reminder: The World is a Hologram (From the August Newsletter)

As things are heating up more and more, politically and socially, to say nothing of the weather, I thought this would be a good time to remind you that the world around you is a hologram, a manifestation of your inner processes. When you encounter persons or ideas that are counter to who you really are or who you would like to be, it’s not a bad idea to assume that they are manifestations of your negative ego.

The negative ego sits in the third chakra and is part of the operating system that kept us from getting eaten when saber toothed cats roamed the earth. Useful for the survival of the species, less useful when you don’t live around apex predators. It still has a survival level fear that, if it’s not in control you are going to die, and it will do everything in its power to try to stay in control. Sadly, its tools are the illusions of fear and lack, otherwise known as the illusion of the absence of the Divine. Everything it tells you can be boiled down to “There’s not enough,” “You’re not enough,” and “There will never be enough.” Whenever you have an opportunity to do something unfamiliar, especially if it’s growth-oriented or healthy, your negative ego goes nuts, because that’s tantamount to you leaving the cave. If you’re trying to become less fear-driven, you are trying to wrest some control from the negative ego, which it takes as a threat to your survival. Expect your head to go nuts. If it can’t derail you via inner turmoil, the negative ego can even manifest that turmoil outward into your hologram. THAT makes for living in some interesting times.

From a spiritual point of view, the negative ego serves a very important purpose. Without that noise and the unhealthy options it presents, there would be no Free Will, because we would have nothing to choose against. I’m not talking about “I want ice cream” so much as your higher spiritual purpose or life’s work. You know, the scary stuff. Every human in a body has a negative ego, a fact that is underscored for me by the fact that the legend of every ascended master (Krishna, Buddha, Yeshua Messiah, etc) has at least one story about them struggling with their negative ego. It’s a tool of your spiritual evolution.

The reason that things are so polarized right now in society is because we are coming up on a significant opportunity to ascend, to raise our vibration, to level up (whatever you want to call it), and the negative ego is fighting for its life. For your life, as far as it is concerned. Which is why I suggest to you that what you perceive as evil or negative or against your values in the world may actually be a manifestation of your negative ego. So the way to change things might possibly be internal work rather than external work.

Am I willing to sit down and contemplate the truths of my navel which my hologram goes completely awry? Well, no. I’m going to keep calling my congress critters. AND I’m also going to be doing some strong shadow work to see if I can’t sort out my internal processes.

May you be the Light of the World!

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