Paradigm Shift Inbound! Looking ahead to 2017…

Some things came up in my Full Moon Women’s Circle tonight that I thought I would share. I have talked a little about the impending paradigm shift (The Energy of New Beginnings, Make some Fresh Popycorn, Ma, my December Newsletter), but probably not in enough detail.

2017 is going to be a major shift. 2012 was nothing compared to what we’re going to be experiencing. A better comparison would be 1300(ish), or possibly 1760. Moving from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance, or moving into the Industrial Era, was a paradigm shift on the level that we’re looking at. The way things work is going to change drastically. This affects economics, social relationships, power structures, dissemination of information, technology, everything.

Change on this level can be likened to a birth – it’s messy and loud and not very comfortable, but the end result is pretty miraculous. Humans, as a species, don’t relish change. It harkens back to the stone age, when change could mean death – it awakens a survival level fear for most of us. So I imagine most of you right now aren’t particularly thrilled with my message. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s happening.

One of my guides, the one I’ve been consciously working with the longest, has a personal history that involves not being listened to, and that going poorly. One of the reasons I may have been pussyfooting around the paradigm shift issue is because my ties to her make me very anxious when making firm predictions. Historically, that hasn’t gone well, for either of us. But we’re working through it.

As something of an aside, I’m fascinated, watching the President-elect assemble his proposed cabinet. I’m pretty sure he’s just trying to see what he can get away with, because he enjoys poking the bear. If 1921 America or 1933 Germany are any indication, he can get away with quite a bit. The higher-level effect of his choices, though, could mean effectively dismantling the government of a Superpower (that is, realistically, on its way out anyway). That could be… interesting. In any event, he definitely appears to be something of a catalyst for incoming changes, so at least there’s that.

One of my other, newer guides, has no such issues. He’s all about alerting me to impending danger or drama, and boy has he been alerting. It is very likely that January 19th will be a bad day to be in Washington DC, New York, or St Louis (in that order). Possibly other places, too, but those are the three that I’m getting the loudest. If you have to be there, batten down the hatches. No matter where in the US you are, please be aware of your surroundings for 3 days on either side of the 19th, and keep your loved ones close.

The entire first half of the year looks rather messy, not just here in the US, but world wide. The energy of the next 5 weeks sets the tone for that. Look for a lot of dark secrets to come flinging themselves out of the closet, old hurts to be refreshed so we have another chance to heal them, and a lot of generally heavy energy. This will be both a worldwide phenomenon and something deeply personal for each of us; the world is, after all, made up of people who define the paradigm. We have to clear out the old and wipe off the table (perhaps in a grand sweep, who knows?) before we can create anew.

It’s worth mentioning, as well, that this isn’t just going to be a few months, or even just a year. This is likely to be an entire 9 year cycle to take effect, if not more. These things don’t turn on a dime, and grand change isn’t fast. Numerologically, 2017-2026 is the culmination of a cycle started in 1936 (9 cycles of 9). Chew on that for a moment or two. Read the link above if you want to see what some of this next year is going to look like (with distortions, because it will be an echo).

I can’t pretend to know what the new paradigm is going to look like, because it will be new. I do know that we’re moving, ultimately, into a value system based on people and connection, rather than on money, which is a weird sort of shorthand anyway. We are moving from a society where the Third Chakra (individualism, logic, separation) is our operating system, into a society where the Heart Chakra (connection, flow, unity) is the operating system. Beyond that, is anybody’s guess.

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2 comments on “Paradigm Shift Inbound! Looking ahead to 2017…
  1. Meridith Daniel says:

    Awesome post. Thank you!

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