An Ode to Raindancer Frog

Raindancer Frog on my right,
Spirit of action,
of lifesbreath,
of change and transition,

Hear my song!

Child of Heket,
Child of Incorruptibility,
She who hops across the Veil with ease,

Hear my song!

It harmonizes with the fat drops of rain,
falling in puddles.
It weaves through the white noise
of a downpour.
It whispers out of the mist.

I sing to you of life,
Of gratitude,
Of motion,
Of pain.
I sing to you of shifting energies,
Of transitional spaces,
Of cleansing.
I sing to you from my depths,
That you might hear me,
See me,
Feel my pain.
I sing to you from the heights,
That you might sing with me,
And soothe my suffering heart,
My suffering soul,
My suffering body.

Thank you for nourishing the earth
with your bounty.
Thank you for cleaning the air.
Thank you for filling the rivers and streams and reservoirs,
and replenishing the blood of our city.

I would dance with you, if I could.
Instead, I sing.

Ayamanatara, 11/27/17

Posted in Autumn, Channeling, Healing, Mysticism, Practice, Ritual, Shamanism, Spirit Guidance

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