Hey, look! I got press!

A while back, I did an interview with VoyageLA Magazine. It has made its way to the public!


Both my personal and work practices are a synthesis of my studies, from a distinct Shamanistic viewpoint that honors the masculine and the feminine, with a focus on community, equality, and empowerment. What that looks like is that I teach classes, create custom ceremonies, make tools for healing and empowerment, and work with people to improve their health and their lives, through a blend of Shamanism, Reiki, stones, herbs, sound, light, channeling, visualization, and counseling/coaching.

I am constantly delighted with my work. When I see the lightbulb go off as a student connects information when a client has a major health breakthrough when everyone present connects with a ceremony I created when my guidance informs someone else’s success when one of my students makes a dreamed-about shift… These are all things that make me proud.

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