Heading into the Holidays

As the daylight wanes, and our nights get longer, we begin to move inward. Home seems more enticing. Small gatherings, with people we feel warmly towards, are more interesting to us than loud, raucous affairs. And yet, we are expected to be social, to go shopping, to attend All The Things. It is no wonder so many of us fall ill at this time of year. Cut yourself some slack this year, allow ample time for self care and recharging your batteries, and feel free to say “no” to at least half of your invitations.

Elderberry lozenges are a marvelous antiviral. Take one in the morning and one at night, and you will likely avoid most of the bugs that are going around, although there is no substitute for a good handwashing. Vanilla and cinnamon oils, perhaps with a touch of cedar, in a diffuser will help keep your home smelling thematic for the holidays, will clear the energies (you know, family), and will help keep colds and flu at bay as well. If you’re building a fire, toss some rosemary in with your logs for good measure.

This article originally appeared in the November newsletter

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