Guest Blogger Madeline Rose on Pluto Retrograde

Throughout the year, we experience an onslaught of planetary retrogrades that bring in a time of reflection, review and renewal. With modern “hip” astrology, we often find the notion of retrogrades portrayed as daunting and they are approached with much dread. How often have you heard someone say, “Oh no, everything is going wrong because it’s Mercury Retrograde!”? Well it’s time to shift that perspective and gain back the respect for retrogrades. These are times in the planetary calendar that offer us all energetic gifts to redo and get second chances to reshape our lives. When the planets seem to pull back and slow down, we too are asked to take a few steps back and pause to reflect on how we haven’t taken responsibility in our lives to follow our truths and our purposes. Retrogrades in a sense act as a form of time travel in which we can “go back in time” and sit with our past actions to reconfigure what is not in alignment with our lives. Each planet provides different energies that encompass and affect varying aspects of our lives. Therefore, when a planet goes retrograde, those areas of our lives are put on the time wheel as an opportunity for examination and reflection.

From April 22 through September 30, 2018 we have been experiencing the long lasting Pluto Retrograde. Astrologically, this tiny planet (some may argue otherwise, but it is still an energetic planetary being in astrology) represents the stages of generation, degeneration and regeneration. Pluto carries the vibration of the Phoenix, the mythological bird that experiences life, completes its life by death of a personal fire, and rises reborn from the ashes. Pluto teaches us the importance of the final two stages of creation and why we must allow death and destruction in order to call forth newness and rebirth. Pluto is known as the God of the Underworld, embodying the entire process of transformation from start to finish. Therefore, when we experience a Pluto Retrograde, we are asked to examine where in our lives have we not allowed this process to occur. This time is a very internal personal process that forces us to look within, as if delving into our own personal underworld to see what’s hiding in the shadows. These often manifest through unhealthy personality traits, dark desires that we haven’t acknowledged, and control issues we’d rather not think about. While looking at these qualities of our hidden selves, it’s important to focus on the motive of these characteristics or desires rather than dwelling on the discomfort they may create. During this retrograde, we are truly gifted a time of reflection to heal these parts and go directly to the root of their cause.

Since 2008, Pluto has been transiting through the constellation Capricorn. Being an Earth sign, Capricorn rules all aspects that have to do with our foundation and how we take the right steps to achieve our goals in a grounded and pragmatic way. Capricorn is ruled by the Mountain Goat who teaches us the importance of each calculated step while climbing the mountain. Goats are not gifted with wings like the hawk and therefore must plan accordingly in order to stay on track while getting to the top. Until 2024, Pluto will be in this constellation breaking down, destroying and burning all concepts we have of unhealthy foundations. Pluto’s transit is redirecting our Mountain Goats and asking how we can find a new and stronger side of the mountain to climb. On a grand scale, this transit is manifesting through the collapsing of our government, our economy and even our relationship to the Earth. These past ten years have been one stage of destruction after the next, creating the stage for what seems to be an apocalyptic explosion. However, if we shift our perspective and remember Pluto’s generative dance, we will trust that in all of this death comes rebirth.

As we come to the close of Pluto’s Retrograde through Capricorn in this year, take these final days to consider how you will move forward after these dark months of personal examination. What lessons have you learned through your own journey through your inner underworld? What strengths have you developed by letting go and burning away that which no longer serves you? Go easy as this transit finishes and allow the forward direction of Pluto to shift your foundational building externally. The biggest take away from this transit will be how you apply your inner shadow healing to the world at large and share the art of rebirth on a grander scale.

Madeline Rose is an Intuitive Astrologer and Crystal Healer based in Los Angeles, California. In her process as a healer, Madeline works to help other sacred beings reunited with their authentic selves and open up to their own innate healing abilities. You can find her working at the Crystal Matrix in Atwater Village to receive intuitive Crystal suggestions and metaphysical tools to help you on your path. Madeline offers one on one Astrology Readings, Crystal Healings, and House Clearings/Grid Activations by appointment. To contact her directly, email her at

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