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Hi all!

I’m trying out new-to-me technologies in an effort to reach a wider audience. Marketing yourself is weird.

Anyway, I figured you awesome folks – my existing readership, clients, and students – might like to benefit from these efforts as well.

If you’re on Facebook, and I know fewer and fewer people are on there these days, between wanting to actually be social (as opposed to pretend social), or trying to unplug, or boycotting them for the Russia thing, or privacy concerns… But if you are still there, I’m trying to do a Facebook Live thing every day on the Ayamanatara page. So far, there’s me talking about the Psychic Protection class, which I may delete, and a grounding meditation, which people seemed to enjoy. There will probably be several meditations and some little educational tidbits. One of our cats keeps making an appearance. If you’re not as familiar with Facebook Live, not only can you participate live, but you can also watch the video after the fact.

ALSO! I am putting together an online class about Ritual and the Internet (not on Facebook). How you can use the internet to effect change, what sort of rituals can be used or enhanced through the Internet, magickal activism, staying energetically safe on the Internet, and so forth. It will probably have some homework, and an online discussion forum, as well as a live class (video) that you can also review after each session. If you think you might be interested, drop me a note (or comment here). Cost and number of sessions is still up in the air a bit.


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