We all have choices. 

We can choose to be ignorant, to take in the data flow that is easily available, or to actively seek out information. We can the choose to evaluate the information and follow sources, or not.

We can choose to ignore the dark, acknowledge the dark, or embrace the dark. Embracing the dark doesn’t have to mean becoming the dark, although that is also a choice. Embracing the dark can mean getting to know our shadow selves and making friends with it, so we can turn weakness into strength.

Everything is a choice. 

Karma is choosing to hold on to something.
Acceptance is choosing to allow things to just be, without placing judgment on them.

We can choose to embody the values we hold most dear, and to magnify those out into the world, or we can go with what’s easiest at the time, never honoring our True Selves.

We can choose to seek the Divine outside of ourselves, to seek the Divine within ourselves, or to disregard the Divine.

It’s all choices.

What will you choose?

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