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End of the year reading special

Before the holidays, I acquired a new tarot deck – the Starman Tarot, by Davide de Angelis, an artist who did a lot of work with David Bowie. The artwork in the deck is inspired by the artworks he created

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Generating Larger Data on Patterns and Trends

I do my major forecasting using a combination of Numerology, Astrology, and Channeling.

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October Newsletter

If you would like to receive the monthly newsletter in your inbox, please sign up via the button to the left October … We are in the Time of the Psychopomp. We have just been through the pause in time

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Ayamanatara’s Latest Book

Faery Spiral
Faery Spiral:
Library of Arcadia
Volume 1: Coming Home

is now available for download or pre-order a signed copy!

Other Downloads Include

The digital edition of The Shift
The Pain meditation series: Blessing the Pain, Breathing into the Pain, Controlling Pain, Reducing Pain, and General Well Being
...and more!