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Tarot Reading for September 2019

Princess of Cups “A gentle, delicate being, the Princess of Cups is finely tuned to the watery world of emotions. Perhaps naively, she wants to believe that a Utopia is possible, a world that is abundant with love, light, and

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Working with your shadow self

As we ease into the darkening of the year, my Full Moon Women’s Circle will be focusing on the shadow or occult face of the Goddess. Of you can’t join us and would still like to explore making friends with

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Taking your personal power back (from the June Newsletter)

As we approach the Summer Solstice, it is time to take your power back. Where have you given it away? Where have you covered up your Truth? Where have you allowed yourself to be disempowered? The Truth is that you

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Ayamanatara’s Latest Book

Faery Spiral
Faery Spiral:
Library of Arcadia
Volume 1: Coming Home

is now available for download or pre-order a signed copy!

Other Downloads Include

The digital edition of The Shift
The Pain meditation series: Blessing the Pain, Breathing into the Pain, Controlling Pain, Reducing Pain, and General Well Being
...and more!