Case Study: The Emotional Root Cause of Kidney Issues

I have enough Shamanism and Healing students that read this blog, for whom this information would be helpful, and I find that sometimes other people are intrigued by the emotional root cause of disease as well.

Let’s say a 48 year old person presents with kidney issues; it doesn’t really matter what type. We know that the function of kidneys is processing. They sit in that second/third chakra range, so they’re going to be about basic emotions and ego/individuation/logic. There also may have been problems or challenges with their second and/or third trimester in utero, perhaps emotional stress for the mother, which would have set up a pattern of trauma that recurred in childhood between ages 3-9, in early adulthood between 24-30, and is currently ongoing (possibly restarting 3 years ago). As the kidneys are more in the back of the body, the emotional root cause is going to be something the person doesn’t want to look at or deal with. If it’s on the left side of the body, there’s an issue of receptivity; on the right side, there’s an issue of action.

Let’s further hypothesize that, during intake, the following details emerge:

  • The person grew up in an impoverished country, which could set up issues of survival, emotional support, and individuation
  • The country in question was very “old world” – which will always set up issues of energetic balance between the left and right side of the body, and will create issues of skewed self esteem and self worth if the client is female
  • The person’s spouse is a narcissist – which affect the individuation, emotions, and voice of the client
  • The person’s spouse had an affair in 2006 (when the client was dealing with issues of being heard, and with issues involving the higher emotions), that has recently become known to everyone in their circle – which would affect self-esteem, ego, and emotions, and possibly her security
  • The person is currently working in a position they find distasteful – which is going to touch on issues of survival, emotional balance, ego/self-esteem, feeling connected, and expression, at the very least
  • I might ask if there is an additional issue involving one or both hips, as it is likely that this person feel trapped or unable to move forward.

    Most physical ailments begin as emotional or spiritual issues, and only manifest as physical ailments if ignored for long enough. As we can see, the originating wound that anchors the pattern probably occurred to their mother while the client was still in utero. The current kidney difficulty, coming right on the heels of uncomfortable revelations about their marriage, is unsurprising. Based on what we can see in their profile, they are very unlikely to be the sort of person who takes action in situations like this, and their coping mechanism may very well be to ignore the whole thing to the best of their ability. If they have been ignoring or suppressing uncomfortable issues their entire life, (a) that training probably came from their mother, which means she also did it, which will give us some clues about the originating stress during pregnancy; and (b) the current catalyst (probably betrayal) speaks to the outlined traumatic periods in the client’s life. A pattern is flared or triggered when something in the present feels similar enough to previous instances of the pattern, all of which will have a similar flavor to the originating wound.

    What can be done?
    The best solution for the person would be to confront the issue head on, identify previous occurrences in the pattern, and possibly do some sort of soul retrieval or regression to address the originating wound. No matter what medical intervention takes place, the pattern will keep happening and creating more physical ailments unless the emotional root cause is addressed. Unfortunately, based on their profile, the person is unlikely to be willing to take those steps. Should they actually address the pattern, it is likely that they would have to then make significant changes in their life in order to continue their healing process. All of this amount to a full paradigm change, which is rarely entered into willingly.

    The challenge in dealing directly with the emotional root cause of an ailment is that, work must be done consciously by the client themselves, although with the assistance of a well-trained healer. This is not the sort of thing that can be treated solely by Reiki or some other non-conscious (on the part of the client) modality. Unless there is active, willing engagement, the pattern is very unlikely to shift.

    Please note: once the physical ailment has reached a point where medical treatment is recommended, it should not be avoided in favor of working solely on the emotional root cause. Both can, and should, be pursued concurrently. Choosing a path contrary to trained medical advice is unwise. Should you not like or trust the recommendations of your licensed physician, please seek a second medical opinion.

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