This article ran originally on Starseed Shaman in January, but the website seems to have become defunct, so I thought I would repost it here.

You are in the process of becoming.  You are in a constant state of perfection, but that perfection evolves, as the only constants in the Universe are change and love. The Universe itself breathes in and out, moving the energy around, creating a perpetual play of push and pull. What we seek, that which was are always, on some level looking for, is the balance between the push and the pull, a place where we can feel safe, a place we can feel at peace. The only place this balance can exist is within you, and it too is constantly changing, constantly evolving. Understand that to attempt to stand still is to slide backwards.

What you are seeking, when you get out of your own way, is a place of acceptance, within yourself, of everything that is in each moment. When you are in acceptance, you are fully present and fully empowered. You are in balance. The only way to do this is to not take things personally, whether they occur within your mind or outside of you. Do not take your thoughts personally, they have nothing to do with you. You are most certainly not your thoughts. Do not take the actions of others personally, because they are only a reflection of the participation of that person in their own thought process.

Every moment of every day is a choice, a choice to be, a choice to stand unaffected by all of the illusion around you, or a choice to fall pretty to the illusion and participate in it as if it meant  something to your self worth. The only thing you have control over are your actions and reactions, and all those serve to do is to bind you or release you from your attachments to your thoughts.

This is the point of meditation. Meditation helps you start to differentiate between who you are and your thoughts. Meditation helps you to not participate in your thoughts, to allow them to become not unlike a radio station playing in another room. Meditation can do many things beyond that, but at its base, that is why we meditate. Did you know that, as long as you are doing it every day, you can start to get the benefits of meditation with only 10 minutes a day? Do you see how internal resistance, brought on by taking your thoughts on as truth, prevents you  from taking 10 minutes a day to improve your life?

Each of us has that internal resistance. If you have a body, it is there. Every single Master that has walked the earth in human form has had internal resistance. It strives to keep you from growing, being healthy, being more spiritual, becoming who you already are. If it did not exist, we would not be in a free will Universe, because there would be nothing to choose against, nothing to prompt us to become spiritually strong, no growth or progress. Feel free to be grateful that this part of you exists, but do not listen to it.

Gratitude is an important tool that helps you stay in acceptance. Acceptance is all about being present and in the NOW, without judging the distractions, without taking things personally. Think of it this way: if you are not in acceptance, and you seek change, you are trying to change illusion. If you are in acceptance of what is, that simply puts your feet under you so that you can choose a direction in which to walk. Gratitude for what is helps you to be in that moment. There is always something about a situation that we can be grateful for, even if it the fact that adversity and resistance helps us to grow and become more than we are.

It is all about the process. There is no end goal, no finishing line. This is what we do, why we are here, is to be a part of the becoming. The questions in every moment are: Where am I right now? And How do I become more than what I am? We do this by being as perfect and expression of the Divine as we can, in every moment. Your best will change from minute to minute, and that, too, is something to be honored and acknowledged, to be accepted. As long as you are being your best expression of the Divine, you are doing it perfectly. Only you know what you are capable of in each moment. Be the breath of the Divine, the light or the Universe, and all is exactly as it should be.

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