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A perfect time to change

Mars (action), Jupiter (expansion), Saturn (foundation, structure, boundaries), and Neptune (dream time, imagination) are all in their home signs.

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Good news! I am able to take on some more clients!

I will no longer be in Malibu three days a week, which means I am more available for private clients. I will be conducting regular office hours at The Crystal Matrix Center in Atwater Village on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

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Looking ahead to 2019

We are approaching (but have not yet arrived at) a moment when we are ready to build a new foundation. That means, of course, that the old foundation has to continue to crumble away. Throughout this process, we will all

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Ayamanatara’s Latest Book

Faery Spiral
Faery Spiral:
Library of Arcadia
Volume 1: Coming Home

is now available for download or pre-order a signed copy!

Other Downloads Include

The digital edition of The Shift
The Pain meditation series: Blessing the Pain, Breathing into the Pain, Controlling Pain, Reducing Pain, and General Well Being
...and more!