Astrological dates to be aware of in 2019

All dates and times are Pacific Time Zone

1/5 (well, we missed that, but it’s on my list,so I’m including it): Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (Magnified New Moon)
1/20: Lunar Eclipse in Leo (Magnified Full Moon 10:16pm – Full Wolf Moon), Supermoon
1/22: Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter
2/3: Astrological Imbolc
2/4: New Moon in Aquarius 2:03pm
2/19: Full Moon in Virgo 8:53am – Full Snow Moon, Supermoon
3/5-3/28: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces
3/6: New Moon in Pisces 8:04am
3/20: Vernal Equinox 2:58pm, Full Moon in Libra 6:43pm – Full Crow Moon, Supermoon
4/5: New Moon in Aries 1:51am
4/16-26: Lyrid meteor shower (best viewing the night of the 22)
4/19-5/28: Eta Aquariid meteor shower (best viewing 5/5)
4/19: Full Moon in Libra 4:12am – Full Pink Moon
5/4: New Moon in Taurus 3:46pm
5/5: Astrological Beltane
5/18: Full Moon in Scorpio 2:11pm – Full Corn Planting Moon or Milk Moon
6/3: New Moon in Gemini 3:02am
6/17: Full Moon in Sagittarius 1:31am – Full Strawberry Moon
6/21: Summer Solstice 8:54am
7/2: Solar Eclipse in Cancer (Magnified New Moon 12:16pm)
7/8-8/1: Mercury Retrograde Leo into Cancer
7/9: Saturn at Opposition The ringed planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. It will be brighter than any other time of the year and will be visible all night long.
7/16 Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn (Magnified Full Moon in Sagittarius 2:38pm – Full Buck Moon)
7/17-8/24: Perseid meteor shower (best viewing 8/12)
7/31: New Moon in Leo 8:12pm
8/7: Astrological Lughnasadh
8/15: Full Moon in Aquarius 4:30am – Full Sturgeon Moon
8/30: New Moon in Virgo 3:37am
9/13: Full Moon in Pisces 9:34pm – Full Corn Moon
9/23: Autumnal Equinox 12:50am
9/28: New Moon in Libra 11:26am
10/2-11/7: Orionid meteor shower (best viewing 10/21)
10/13: Full Moon in Aries 2:09pm – Full Hunters Moon
10/27: New Moon in Scorpio 8:39pm
10/31-11/20 Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio
11/6-11/30: Leonid meteor shower (best viewing 11/17)
11/7: Astrological Samhain
11/11: Mercury Transit (first since 2016 and the last until 2032)
11/12: Full Moon in Taurus 6:36pm – Full Beaver Moon
11/26: New Moon in Sagittarius 8:06am
12/4-17: Geminid meteor shower (best viewing 12/13)
12/11: Full Moon in Gemini 10:14pm – Full Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule
12/21: Winter Solstice 9:19pm
12/25: Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (Magnified New Moon 10:15pm)

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