A channeling from the Aquarian Collective

I was waiting for an appointment and got a very loud instruction to sit down and write. This is what came:

Nam am am sho kru qa

This is the way of things

We are the Aquarian Collective, and we reach out to you for the sounding.

There is a ball of energy headed your way from the reaches.

It is activating, but it may also be destructive.

Your paradigm on your planet is broken and needs to be shattered.

If you and yours connect to the heart of the planet and to the solar heart, you will be safe. It is those who are ungrounded and in fear that will experience discomfort. The reptilians know this is coming and are trying to stop it, rather than riding it out. Their hearts are disconnected so they do not see any way to ride the wave of the energetic explosion.

You frequently say that nature does nothing in a hard line, but there is literally a vacuum being created by events today, and that balance must be addressed.

We are addressing it.

Create a web of spiders from your heart and throat, making a matrix to all those who would join. You can shift this from perceived disaster to blessing.

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