40 Day Practice: Day 1 – Motivation

We embark on the first day of a 40 Day Practice, based on the energy of the Labyrinth (releasing – contemplation – receiving). If you have a local labyrinth, I invite you to walk the labyrinth with today’s theme as your focus. If you don’t have a local labyrinth, you can create your own, take a walk somewhere peaceful, or even sit in contemplation in your own home. I will be scheduling various public labyrinth appearances, and you are welcome to join me when and where you can, if you feel moved to do so.

Today’s theme is Motivation. What motivates you? How do you make it through challenging tasks and activities, and what makes them challenging for you? What causes you to walk away from things? Do you find that being present to a task makes it easier or harder for you to complete it? What has motivated you to start or participate in this Practice?

Questions that might help you see what you can release: What gets in the way of your motivation? Thought patterns? Core beliefs? World views? Physical issues? Fears? What else?

Suggestions for Contemplation: What is your primary motivation in life? How do you perceive the energy of motivation? Is there an animal whose energy or characteristics you associate with motivation, and what is your relationship with or view of that animal? How can you be more motivated? Is there someone you perceive as being highly motivated, and what are their characteristics? What do they do in order to seem motivated? If you were to receive supernatural help with your motivation, how would that come through? Can you create that on your own? Finally, what is Divine motivation?

Your mantra for receiving could be “I open myself to receive motivation.”

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2 comments on “40 Day Practice: Day 1 – Motivation
  1. ayamanatara says:

    I figured i would share my experience with you all.

    Today’s walk was at Prince of Peace in Woodland Hills. It’s in a very pleasant back area of the church grounds, between a fountain and a community garden. I was a bit… taken aback? confused? that the labyrinth was what I think of as “backward.” When you want link, you turn tot he right, not the left. There is no vortex, despite it being an 11 circuit labyrinth, and it doesn’t bring in the subconscious – it ends up being a left-brained meditation, which is certainly different. I did it anyway.

    I should probably actually start by telling you that my motivation to even get out of bed this morning was somewhere around zero.

    In looking at what gets in the way of my motivation during the releasing portion of my walk, various things came up, especially resistance. But as I approached the center, it became clear to me that motivation itself is a construct of the negative ego. My small, still voice needs no motivation. It simply does the right thing, because it is the right thing to do.

    I was reading an essay last night on the Vows of the Bodhisattva last night, as part of my research for the upcoming Chinese New Year, and it focused on the idea that meditation should be done for any anticipated outcome, but simply for the point of meditation. Naturally, when I came tot he center of the labyrinth, each of the kingdoms blew right past motivation and essentially said, in their own ways, “just sit.” Just being, just doing the practice because the practice is the thing to do, with no thought to outcome.

    On the way out, I started my usual mantra of “I open myself to receive all of the gifts of the Universe, which come to me freely and easily without struggle,” but it quickly shifted to just “I open myself to receive.” About half way through, a cute white dog, who was with someone in the community garden, appeared in front of me for petting, and then wanted to play. I felt the need to finish my practice, but welcomed the reminder to not take myself to seriously.

    I would love to hear other people’s experience with today’s theme…

    • Adriana says:

      I was unable to go for a walk so I meditated. My overall message was to release fear as it is what kills my motivation. My mantra is to continue to come from a place of compassion towards whatever I do.

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